IDScan.net findings indicate nearly 2% of IDs presented at dispensaries may be fraudulent

dispensary ID scanner showing fake ID

Recent findings from an IDScan.net survey of anonymized customer data show that roughly 2% of IDs presented at cannabis retailers display indications of being fraudulent, highlighting an epidemic of underage attempts to purchase cannabis.

Our ID authentication tech is the best at catching fake IDs, and the only ID verification software tailored to the cannabis industry.

IDScan.net Director of Cannabis Business, Kenneth Peddicord

For busy dispensaries, this can add up to hundreds of minors appearing at their entrance each day.

IDScan.net, makers of VeriScan ID scanning software for dispensaries, will exhibit at this year’s Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, Florida. IDScan.net will showcase its best-in-class ID scanning and fake ID detection software at Booth #E95.

ID scanning is a crucial element of keeping minors out of dispensaries, due to the growing sophistication of fake IDs. VeriScan ID Authentication is tailor made to help protect dispensaries and other age-restricted businesses from inadvertently serving a minor.

“Most people think of fake IDs as being quite obvious – either flimsy, or clearly Photoshopped. But the fake ID of 2023 is almost indistinguishable from a real ID. It looks real, feels real, and in some cases even passes barcode scanning. Our tech is the best at catching fake IDs, and the only ID verification software tailored to the cannabis industry,” said IDScan.net Director of Cannabis Business, Kenneth Peddicord.

VeriScan ID Authentication uses AI to perform algorithmic checks on every ID. It looks for both flaws in the data structure of the barcode, as well as the authenticity of the ID’s hologram and watermarks, under multiple wavelengths of light. This process, which takes <8 seconds, is capable of detecting more than 95% of fraudulent IDs. The same system can also scan and parse most state MMJ cards, protect against looping, and comply with stringent state regulations for PII purging and privacy requirements.

This will be IDScan.net’s first time exhibiting at Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, however the technology is already used by more than 1,000 US-based dispensaries, and is integrated into several major POS platforms such as Dutchie, Flourish, Sweed, and Blaze.

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is an AI-powered identity verification platform powering the ID validation and identity proofing strategies of more than 1,000 cannabis dispensaries and 6,500 global businesses. We focus on outstanding customer experience, data automation, and fraud reduction for high compliance industries. Take a look at our bestselling ID scanners.

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