Coming Soon! New Mississippi drivers license format

New sample of Mississippi drivers license 2024

If you are a business that is regularly scanning Mississippi IDs, you may have noticed that MS drivers licenses have a new design. While there are already drivers using the new ID format, the state has yet to officially announce the new format. We’ve obtained a sample image from the State Highway Patrol.

New format features

  • Guitar and flag background, showcasing Mississippi’s musical history
  • Security windowpane feature in the bottom right of the ID – a square with rounded egdes
  • Real ID support (Star)
  • Commissioner signature
  • Multiple UV marks

When did Mississippi start issuing the new drivers license format?

Mississippi DMV began issuing the new ID in May 2024. The earliest issue date we have seen on the new Mississippi ID is 5/21/2024.

Old Mississippi Drivers License Format

Mississippi sample ID

The old MS ID format had a different background, and did not contain a security windowpane. Mississippi was also one of the last states to offer Real ID compatibility.

We will add more information regarding the format and security features of the new MS ID as it becomes available.