age verification for ecommerce and delivery
Panasonic N1 handheld ID scanner scanning the back of a drivers license

ID scanning for delivery businesses

Verify identity at the time of purchase, and scan IDs using a flexible handheld scanner to ensure guests are of legal age and receiving the right product.

ID scanning for delivery

Utilize ID scanning to verify drivers and reduce identity theft and fictitious pickups

Fake ID Detection / ID Authentication icon

Catch fake IDs

Handheld scanners can detect nearly 50% of fake IDs.

ID scanning for liquor stores icon

Sell age restricted products

Confidently deliver alcohol, tobacco, and other adult products.

Identity integration cog icon

No wifi needed

Scan IDs and save customer records while offline.

Signature add icon

Add signatures, waivers

Capture customer signatures to confirm package receipt.

Data automation icon

Auto-fill manifests

Sync data from the scanned ID directly into your delivery logs

Fines and fees icon

Stay compliant

Configure your delivery ID scanning system to meet state PII laws.