ID scanning for shooting ranges

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Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 10:36 am

How ID scanning can help streamline your shooting range operations

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ID Scanning in today’s world is becoming more and more prevalent. Businesses of all kinds are finding that incorporating ID scanning helps streamline business operations, improve customer experience and reduce fraud.  Businesses that require membership forms or waivers, like shooting ranges, can especially benefit from incorporating VeriScan Online, an ID scanning software that allows you to quickly capture and verify customer information.

Not only has a rise in fraud prompting businesses to adopt ID scanning but so is the need to provide their customers with a more streamlined and efficient customer experience. Our PA768 scanner with VeriScan Enterprise would allow you to streamline and ensure the safety of your customer experience from the moment your customer stepped foot in your shooting range, to the time they decided to leave. With a quick scan of your customer’s government issued ID, not only would you be able to tell if your customer was old enough to rent a gun or purchase ammunition but you can also create a unique visitor profile for easier retrieval in the future. By creating this visitor profile, upon re-scanning a patron’s ID, our VeriScan software will tell you if that customer is a member at your shooting range or not and has the ability to prompt them to fill out a custom liability waiver if they had not already done so. If they had previously signed your waiver, you could easily pull it up for reference or store it on file along with an image if the ID and credit card information if you wished. Lastly, VeriScan Online’s custom time stamp feature allows you to keep accurate track of your customers lane rental, and with the proper scanner even process their payment on the way out.

Whether you are looking to streamline your customer experience or ensure the safety of your establishment or both, IDScan.net can help you quickly and easily incorporate ID scanning into your everyday operations.  To learn more about how ID scanning for shooting ranges can help your business, please contact us.

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IDScan.net provides businesses with the highest quality ID scanning solutions to quickly and easily capture and verify an individual’s information. Within a second and with 100% accuracy, our technology can tell your front line staff everything they need to know about the person standing in front of them. Trusted by top brands like IBM and Shell our suite of customizable solutions is being deployed by leaders across industries from gaming and hospitality to retail and finance. As the first company to market with mobile ID scanning capabilities, IDScan.net is still pioneering cutting-edge technologies that anticipate the rapidly evolving needs of tomorrow. For more information visit IDScan.net.