We are TWAIN compliant

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:42 pm

Our software is now TWAIN compliant

Being TWAIN compliant opens the door for more clients to use our applications. It allows for a single software solution to read scanned images and translate them to a readable format for our applications.  

What is TWAIN?

TWAIN is an open-source standard for image scanning that is highly compatible across many devices and computers. This program has been around for over 25 years. TWAIN makes it possible to effortlessly read images scanned on any scanning device without having to install different software for each type of ID scanner

How does it work?

Scanners all have a driver, which delivers information from the scanning hardware to a computer. TWAIN works as an intermediary that translates the data into a format that is compatible with computer applications. The computer can then use the translated scanned image in any way it needs. 

Why was it created?

Before TWAIN, each scanner needed its own software to convert the data into a format compatible with computers. This caused headache for many because the scanner’s software was not always compatible with other applications. The creation of TWAIN made a one size fits all solution for the scanning world. Making it easier to use different combinations of scanners and applications. 

How will being TWAIN compliant be beneficial to our solutions?

TWAIN compliance makes it easier for our customers to switch hardware without downloading new software every time. It makes it possible for scanned images to appear automatically in the interface rather than having to manually pull the scanned images in. 


Do I need TWAIN to use your applications?

No. While we are TWAIN compliant, it is not a necessity. Some clients prefer to use this method, but it is not needed to use our applications. The only reason you would want to install your scanner in TWAIN mode would be if you have a need for a TWAIN compatible 3rd party application.

How can I get TWAIN?

It can be downloaded for free via this link:

Do I need to manually import scanned photos into your software if my software is not TWAIN compliant?

Our software has the ability to pull images directly from each image scanner that we sell. If you wish to use those images outside of the scope of our software, they can be accessed directly from the hard drive of your computer.