Visitor management systems for casinos

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Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 01:51 pm

With visitor management tools in place, your casino will only be more secure and safe for both your staff and the customers you serve.

If your casino currently has a visitor management system in place, it may already be outdated, unreliable, or labor-intensive.

Fortunately, there is a new technology that is changing visitor management systems. Whether a casino is looking to keep troublemakers out of their establishment or is seeking a more personalized experience for their VIP guests, visitor management solutions can get the job done.

At IDScan.net, our visitor management solutions can work in conjunction with your current technology and can be used on multiple other devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices with both local and cloud-based storage available. During COVID-19 and beyond, your casino can utilize touch-free solutions to track and manage your visitors at all times.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is the process of tracking visitors to enforce protocols and compliance, protect people and assets, safeguard against nuisance, and enhance guest experience.

IDScan.net’s visitor management solutions are vital for businesses that need to track guests at point of entry, such as the casino industry. With so much at stake for casino security, visitor management can help casino owners mitigate risk and keep their guests safe.

Since casinos provide lines of credit to gamblers, handle large amounts of money, and serve alcohol, they require technology that can protect itself from many different liabilities and nuisances.

Whether your casino is large or small, commercial or tribal, visitor management can help you secure vital data on your clientele. All casinos have the same basic needs for security, tracking visitors, verifying age, and managing access to your establishment.

Visitor management protocols in casinos

A visitor management system can become a valuable asset to your casino by simply checking IDs at the door. With IDScan.net, you can use a casino ID scanner to verify a visitor’s age, which is one of the most basic requirements of gambling in a casino.

Visitor management solutions can also increase security and compliance for casinos. By scanning an ID with IDScan.net’s visitor management software, casinos can instantly check to see if a visitor is on a banned or self-exclusion list.

ID and passport scanner for casino

Before the advancement of visitor management technology, casinos were required to use radios to communicate back and forth with personnel in security rooms to relay this information. Today, IDScan.net’s VeriScan allows casinos to instantly and securely communicate this information by simply scanning an ID and running the information against internal banned lists and external watch lists, such as the OFAC, PEP, and SDN.

Furthermore, driver’s license scanning in casinos with visitor management systems can also notify the establishment when a VIP guest has arrived. Your casino can properly welcome important guests, who may expect a certain level of recognition upon their arrival.

IDScan.net’s IDWare Guest solution can do exactly that for casinos by capturing information from every individual at the point of entry. After the ID is scanned, a returning visitor’s information can be instantly pulled up while the current visit is recorded simultaneously. If the ID of a new visitor is scanned, a new profile will be automatically created for the guests.

Regardless of if the visitor is a returning guest or a new one, their information will be compiled and stored in our accurate, easy-to-use database, which can be queried at any time to control access to the premises.

New casino visitor management technologies

Today, new technology is making it easier than ever for casinos to quickly process people without coming in contact, such as with facial recognition solutions and mobile scanners.

Facial recognition technology can help casinos to prevent entry for guests that may be lawbreakers and prevent them from gaining entry. VIP guests can also be recognized by their face or ID, allowing casinos to quickly identify them and to provide a red carpet treatment.