New VeriScan pricing | A note from our CEO

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:05 pm

On May 1, 2023, we will begin transitioning our 6,500 existing customers to a more streamlined licensing model. We are kicking off this process with our flagship product: VeriScan. With this transition comes new VeriScan pricing as well.

I wanted to write a personal note to address this transition, as many of you have been long-term, loyal customers and have entrusted us to keep your business secure and compliant for many years. 

The process of moving from a desktop-software model to a wholly SaaS model has been underway for nearly 18 months. has offered the VeriScan product for more than ten years, and we have built out a variety of variations, feature-sets, and licensing models since that time. As of writing this blog, we currently have customers on 16 different versions of VeriScan. As you can imagine, this creates internal conflict as we manage the priorities of managing multiple codebases, product interfaces, customer support needs, and hardware integrations. 

Meanwhile, fake IDs are becoming more and more sophisticated, and our machine learning team is working overtime to continue combatting fraudsters. 

So, our engineering and product development teams have been hard at work bringing our most popular features and best-in-class fake ID detection into a single product suite. This includes multiple upgrades that have been requested by our partners for years:

  • Dark mode for Windows for low-light environments!
  • Easier management of multiple compliance/PII settings for our multi-state customers
  • Better filters, history, and exports by any and all collected fields
  • Greatly improved user interface for our VeriScan Cloud portal
  • Best-in-class 2D barcode security that catches IDs with barcode anomalies
  • ID authentication that detects up to 95% of fake IDs

I am so proud of our team and the work that has been done to make VeriScan the best ID scanning software, fake ID detection software, and visitor management system on the market. Moving forward, this streamlining will ensure that everyone benefits from our innovation and our ID parsing and barcode security engines. 

For most of our customers, this means a modest increase in license costs. 

However, for our customers who have previously been using a desktop-only product, or a one-off solution with special pricing, this may appear to be a substantial step-up in pricing to get onto VeriScan Basic, which is priced at $350 annually. Retaining your business is important to me and our team, so please reach out to your Account Representative so that we can work with you directly to help you find the right plan. We want our long-term customers to be the beneficiaries of all these new enhancements and best-in-class tech, as well as rewarded for sticking with us for so long. 

Your Account Representative, or Customer Support Agent, will be reaching out in advance of your next renewal to help you get set up in our Billing Portal, and determine what discounts you may be eligible for. If you are reading this in advance of your renewal, you can reach out proactively and migrate to our central VeriScan platform at any time.

Again – we deeply appreciate our customers, their feedback, great ideas, and enthusiasm for our business over the years. We could not do this without you, and we are excited to roll out the latest and greatest in 2023.