Selecting the best ID reader

Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:13 pm

With so many options on the market, choosing the right ID reader and software combination for your business might be trickier than originally expected. This is where expert consultation comes into play. Our team is always happy to help narrow down our select and find the best fit for your business, but these are a few of our top recommendation.

Best overall ID reader

Our pick for best overall ID reader is the Thales CR5400 (formerly Gemalto CR5400). This scanner combines affordability with superiority. The CR5400, while not cheap, is one of the more cost effective ID readers that is capable of ID authentication. Affectionately known by us as “the toaster”, you simply drop the ID in, let it read and parse the data, then the ID will be automatically ejected once the data has been read. The efficiency of the CR5400 makes this a great option for those businesses looking to authenticate IDs while also ensuring short wait times for customers.

Top features:

  • Dual sided image capture on 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Hologram and watermark checks
  • Fast scan time (a few seconds)

Best affordable ID reader

Unitech recently released the next generation of its TS-series Windows-compatible ID scanners. The latest iteration, the SwiftScan TS200 offers full-page passport scanning in addition to ID and drivers licenses reading capabilities. The TS200 is an ID reader designed to lower the barrier to entry with a low up-front cost. Please note, the device does not include image capture, so images of the ID cannot be imported into the software.

Top features:

  • Cost effective
  • ID and passport scanning
  • No driver required

Best mobile ID reader

Our experts’ top choice for a handheld scanner is the Unitech PA 768. It has the capability to scan both driver’s licenses and passports, and features an extended run time. Did we mention that the ergonomic design is beneficial for those holding the scanner for hours on end? For those businesses needing to verify age while retaining a high level of mobility, this is the ideal ID scanner and software combination.

Top features:

  • Ability to be used on or offline
  • Built in visitor management system with customer grouping capabilities
  • Extended battery life

Best ID reader for image capture

The E-seek M280 is one of our top choices for those businesses looking to reduce fraud and chargebacks. The easy push-button interface ensures that any image will attach to the customer record associated with the last ID scanned. This is one of the most affordable solutions to help mitigate fraud in high risk industries.

Top features:

  • Scratch resistant flatbed surface
  • High quality, full color image capture
  • Timestamped images for airtight records

Best ID reader for authentication

The E-Seek M500 might look familiar if you’ve flown recently. The M500 is the drivers’ license scanner of choice for the TSA. It is perfect for any establishment that needs ID authentication. This ID scanner includes full-color ID scans with the built in 600 dpi camera and magstripe reader.

The M500 ID scanner has a motorized side-load design that automatically ingests the ID as soon as it is fed into the slot. Powered via cord, you never have to worry about running out of battery life in the middle of peak hours. It is one of the most durable, hardy devices in our inventory and can withstand heavy, near-constantly use. Cleaning is easy and the manufacturer sells an affordable cleaning kit.

Top features:

  • UV/IR/white light scanning
  • 95% accuracy when paired with ID authentication
  • High powered camera allowing for checks against hologram and watermark libraries

We understand the choices can be overwhelming, but our team of experts is always ready to help answer questions and guide as needed. Be sure to take into consideration the correct tier of software before purchasing your ID reader. For more help, contact a member of our team.