Do expired IDs scan?

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Last updated on April 19th, 2024 at 08:10 am

Expired IDs are still scannable, which means that all data stored in the ID is still parseable and can be ingested into your age verification and visitor management software.

However, the process and outcomes will vary depending on the scanner’s design and the specific requirements set by the business utilizing the scanner. Depending on the business needs and why they are using an ID scanner, they may choose to accept or reject an expired ID.

Is an ID scanner capable of reading an expired ID?

ID scanners are primarily designed to capture and extract information from identification documents. They do this in one of two ways:

  • Reading the 2D barcode (PDF417) using a laser or camera scan
  • Optical character recognition (OCR technology) which “reads” the text on the front of an ID

Both methods are capable of reading and extracting details like name, date of birth, address, and expiration date. In most cases, the ID scanner will successfully read the expiration date on an expired ID and display it as part of the extracted information.

Which businesses accept expired IDs?

The acceptance of expired IDs depends on the purpose for which the ID is being scanned. Some establishments, such as bars, clubs, or airports, may have strict policies that only accept valid, unexpired IDs for age verification or security reasons to ensure they remain compliant with local and federal laws. In such cases, the scanner may flag the expired ID as invalid or display a notification indicating that the ID has expired.

In VeriScan, the Expiration Warning popup is shown if the visitor presents an ID that has reached its expiration date.

Compliance and regulations

Certain industries, like banking, government, or healthcare, have specific regulatory requirements regarding ID verification. They may have policies in place that strictly mandate the use of valid, unexpired IDs for identification purposes. In these cases, ID scanners may be programmed to reject expired IDs and display an alert to ensure compliance with regulations.

Customizable settings to accept/reject expired IDs

ID scanners often provide a degree of customization to suit the needs of different organizations or applications. Depending on the settings configured by the system administrator or operator, the scanner’s response to an expired ID can be adjusted. It may be set to accept or reject expired IDs based on the specific requirements of the organization.

Is an ID considered expired on the expiration date or the day after the expiration date?

In most ID scanning software the ID is considered expired on the day after the expiration date. So if the expiration date is 10/13/2024, the ID scanner will show “ID expired” beginning at 12:00AM local time on 10/14/2024.

In some cases the ID scanning software can be configured to show an ID expiration warning on the expiration date.

Why is it important to honor ID expiration dates?

With physical identity documents, the expiration date typically triggers the issue of a new document. This means that unless the old ID or drivers license is surrendered that an individual could be in possession of two identity documents. On occasion, the old, expired document is given to a different person (commonly a younger sibling or friend) to use for age verification. Use of old, false IDs is one of the most frequent methods that minors gain access to age-restricted venues or age-restricted products, so paying attention to Expired ID warnings is an important way to stay compliant.

Additionally, individuals who have had a license revoked, or terms of their license changed, may try to use an expired ID to perform activities such as renting a car or test driving a vehicle. They do not want businesses to know that they have lost their license. So paying attention to the Expired ID pop-up in these use cases can help a business avoid the liability and risk associated with someone who no longer has a valid license and is using an expired ID to defraud the business.

Operator discretion regarding expired IDs

Ultimately, the acceptance or rejection of an expired ID is at the discretion of the business using the ID scanner. While the scanner can provide information about the expiration status of an ID, the final decision lies with the person or system using the scanner. In some cases, an operator may override the scanner’s warning and choose to accept the expired ID based on their own judgment or specific circumstances.

It’s crucial to note that the acceptance of expired IDs is subjective and can vary depending on the policies, regulations, and discretion of the business using the ID scanner. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the specific guidelines and requirements of the business in question to determine whether they accept expired IDs for the intended purpose.

Will an expired ID scan?

Yes, technically expired IDs will scan, but more often than not, businesses will still not accept them, making it important to maintain a valid, non-expired form of identification.

Is it illegal to possess an expired ID?

No, it is not illegal to possess an expired ID. But businesses and law enforcement do not legally need to accept the expired document, and it is highly recommended that the ID holder apply for a new ID as soon as possible.