How cannabis vending machines can help with the staff shortage across America

Cannabis dispensary with only one staff member at checkout counter

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:47 pm

The Covid-19 pandemic swept into an unexpecting world and wreaked havoc. The world shut down, people lost their lives, even more lost their jobs, and that is just the beginning. We are still trying to assess the long-term effects that the pandemic caused, but one of the most glaring issues is a nationwide staffing shortage.

Why Are We Still In A Shortage?

Covid-19 affects everyone a little differently, but one trend that has become apparent is the occurrence of long Covid. The various symptoms of long Covid have prevented an estimated 2-4 million people from returning to work as usual, and that is a conservative estimate. And while there are certainly other factors that contribute to the national labor shortage, it is estimated that long Covid accounts for about 15% of that number.

How Does Age Restricted Vending Help?

Age Restricted vending machines are unique in that they have all the functionality of a live employee, without having to have a budtender or other employee on site. These cannabis vending machines can be fully customized with whatever your business desires from cannabis to alcohol, and even tobacco. But how is this possible without someone checking the ID? Don’t you run the risk of losing your license? The simple answer is no. 

Our Cannabis Vending Machine has an ID authentication and Biometric analysis function fully integrated into the machine. This is achieved by a combination of AI powered software and a powerful ID Scanner. Using a combination of white, infrared, and UV lighting, the scanner first checks the ID for authenticity. After authentication, the customer is then guided through a series of biometric checks via an integrated camera and Biometric Analysis system. This whole process can be done in less than 30 seconds, which is almost as quick as a budtender can do it!

Help Your Dispensary Overcome the Staffing Shortage

The helpfulness of a cannabis vending machine is never-ending. It can be used during peak hours to overcome long queue times, but it can also be used after hours. This machine can operate 24/7/365 making it quite the diligent employee! If you’re interested in purchasing a cannabis vending machine, or an unattended retail solution for other age restricted products, Contact our team today! We can provide a price quote and help you select the machine that is right for your business.