When will mobile driver’s licenses be available in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire drivers with scenic backdrop

State of digital ID in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has no plan in place to implement mobile driver’s licenses for its residents. There are major benefits to enacting mobile driver’s licenses, however. Thales states the following on its website regarding the security of mDLs: “A Mobile Driver’s License is much more than a simple digital image of the physical version. That would be far too easy to tamper with or counterfeit. Instead, the Mobile Driver’s License uses advanced digital technology and high security coding known as cryptography to make sure it can’t be hacked, copied or modified. As a result, all your personal details are kept safe and sound and cannot be accessed by third parties without your consent, you are in control!”

So, although NH has yet to discuss plans of implementation, many other states in the U.S. are utilizing mobile driver’s licenses to their advantage. Hopefully, many other states will join the movement toward increased security for their citizens.

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