When can we expect Vermont mobile IDs?

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State of digital ID in Vermont

Status: In progress

Vermont is working toward implementing mobile driver’s licenses for its residents, however they have not announced how the Vermont mobile ID will be distributed; whether it will use an existing framework such as IDs in Apple Wallet, or whether the state will develop their own proprietary application.

As of May 2023, there are no recent updates regarding the integration of Vermont mobile IDs. Vermont DMV commissioner Wanda Minoli explained that “the electronic credentials would be accessed through an app and could be used in many of the same cases as a physical ID.” Another DMV commissioner named Michael Smith mentioned that the app used for Vermont mobile IDs would allow for more privacy: residents would be able to choose which details to share with others. 

Vermont Bill S.99

Vermont Bill S.99 was passed in May 2023, and includes provisions that legalize mobile IDs and allow the state to issue them.. The driver-centric portion of the modernization project was expected to commence in February 2024 and take 18 months, pinning the potential launch of Vermont mobile IDs in Summer 2025.

While these electronic licenses would aid in efficiency and convenience, they would not totally take the place of physical driver’s licenses and IDs and the bill specifically states that drivers would need to present a physical identity document upon request.

The bill is still being debated in the House of Representatives and Senate, but there is definite hope for the bill to be passed into law.

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