What do we know about Wyoming mobile driver’s licenses?

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State of digital ID in Wyoming

On March 6, 2020, Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 05, authorizing digital driver’s licenses in the state of Wyoming. The technology, as of March 2020, was “at least 2-5 years from being ready for deployment in the general public.” Much research and work is being conducted to ensure that when the Wyoming mobile driver’s licenses make their debut, they are as secure as possible. The digital IDs would be a supplemental tool to physical IDs, meaning that residents will still need their physical driver’s licenses. 

Wyoming mobile driver’s licenses are expected to generate an extra $640,000 per year, assuming around 160,000 driver’s licenses are created and that 20-30% of residents in Wyoming participate in the mDL program. The cost of the digital driver’s license would be $10, with the physical license being $10 as well, totaling $20. 

We expect more information regarding the integration of mobile IDs in Wyoming to come soon. For now, keep updated on all states’ mobile driver’s licenses with IDScan.net.

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