Utah mobile drivers license is live

Utah GET mobile ID app

State of digital ID in Utah

Status: Live

Utah has been working toward the implementation of mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) for the past few years, but the GET Mobile ID is now live.

Unlike a lot of other states that have launched mobile IDs, the Utah mobile driver’s license app does charge an annual fee of $1.99 to cover costs associated with launching the app and securing the system. 

Businesses can use the Get Mobile Reader app, which is capable of scanning the Utah digital ID. However, the Get Mobile application for businesses (verifying parties) is not capable of catching fake identity documents, so may not meet the full needs of age restricted businesses.

Digital ID app for Utah

GET Mobile ID app guarantees security to Utah residents; a local Utah news station reports on the mobile driver’s license: “Touted as contactless and secure, the digital driver’s license can be accessed on an app and then downloaded to your mobile device. The license comes equipped with a scannable QR code, however, only the specific companion app is currently capable of decoding it.

The app adheres to ISO-18013-5 protocols, which means it is valid for use at TSA checkpoints. While the airport allows the digital license, they recommend having your physical license on hand just in case.

To get set up, the GET Mobile ID app requires users to scan their physical ID, confirm their phone number, and to take a selfie on the app. The secure functions don’t stop once the app is downloaded: secondary verification options include face scanning, creation of a PIN number, and fingerprint scanning. The Utah Department of Public Safety explains that “the mDL gives greater accuracy to the businesses with whom you interact, can eliminate fake IDs, and can lower the incidence of fraudulent purchases, illegal driving, and criminals impersonating citizens.” The mobile ID acts as an extension to your physical ID, thereby improving security and usefulness.

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