Oklahoma launches mobile driver’s license with MID app

Oklahoma MID mobile drivers license app

*Edit: For the time being, the Oklahoma mDL has been pulled from the market. It was found to be in violation of ADA requirements for those with visual impairments.

Oklahoma residents can install the application here.

What is Oklahoma mobile ID? 

Mobile driver’s license is a secured, digitized version of a driver license or other state-issued ID that is carried in an app on a smartphone. It can be used to verify the identity of a person during in-person and online transactions. It’s currently the only form of mobile-phone-based ID that is verifiable against the record created by DPS. 

How is Oklahoma mobile ID used? 

Mobile ID can be used in any context in which a physical ID is needed to verify age or identity, where accepted. It is required by law to present a physical driver’s license when requested by law enforcement and when boarding a plane. Mobile ID is considered an acceptable form of identity verification by the state of Oklahoma; however, because it is a new concept, some businesses and organizations may not be aware of how to use it or have not yet developed processes to accept mID. 

Is the app secure and does the app collect data? 

Mobile ID verifies a person’s identity attributes and selfie photo against what is on file with the DPS. Only that person’s FaceID, TouchID or pin will unlock the app and access the mobile ID. Mobile ID doesn’t permanently collect, store, or hold onto your personal data – except an encrypted version of the driver license number and phone number to use as a record locator. The only place the complete information is stored is with the DPS.

Does Mobile ID replace a physical driver’s license? 

Oklahoma’s mobile driver’s license currently serves as a companion to a physical ID rather than a replacement. It can be used in any context an ID is normally used to verify identity, except during traffic stops or boarding a plane. A physical ID should still be kept as a back-up.

What is needed to use Oklahoma mobile ID? 

A person must have a valid and easily readable Oklahoma driver license or state-issued photo ID card.

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