Montana digital IDs | A work in progress

Glacier National Park in Montana

State of digital ID in Montana

House Bill 519, allowing Montana digital IDs, quickly passed in the House of Representatives. The bill was proposed on February 13, 2023 and signed on April 26, 2023. Representative Braxton Mitchell introduced the bill to the House earlier this year and stated that “digital wallet smart phones use is a secure and encrypted method of holding vital information and that the data is protected against tampering or theft.” mDLs provide many advantages to their users, including convenience and privacy. These two factors are highly beneficial to residents and users of the service.

The state has no specific public ramifications regarding the implementation of Montana digital IDs, but we do know that they have been approved by the House of Representatives. Therefore, it can be assumed that Montana is doing research as to how it wants to implement mobile driver’s licenses for its residents in the near future. Keep up to date with Montana digital IDs, as well as other state’s implementations, with our United States mDL map.

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