Missouri mDL goes live

Missouri mobile drivers license

*Edit: Missouri’s mDL app was in pilot, but has been pulled for unknown reasons. However, some Reddit users claimed they got letters in the mail saying they were temporarily removing the service.

Missouri has officially released their mobile driver’s license (mDL), and as an added bonus, users will be able to remotely renew their driver’s licenses. Unlike the recent Apple Wallet ID integrations whose application is only accepted at select airports, the mDL will be accepted as identification with government agencies, businesses and other organizations. 

What makes the Missouri mDL stand out?


The new mDL has a seamless design that allows you to not only prove your identity, but also pay for a purchase using the same app. For the time being, that feature is only accepted at participating locations, but more locations will be coming soon. The mDL generates a barcode that can be easily scanned by those needing to verify age, making the process both quick and secure. 


The aforementioned barcode is one of the biggest security features of the app. Instead of carrying around a wallet with your physical ID in it, Missourians are now able to leave the excess baggage at home. Secured via FaceID, fingerprint, or passcode, the app generates all the same information from your physical ID, just in a digital form. The biggest difference though is that in the Missouri mDL, you can choose which information is shown for age verification. So, gone are the days of having to hand over sensitive information like home address, height, weight, etc.. 

How to download the Missouri mDL

Step 1: Download the app from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store.

Step 2: The app will ask you to enter your phone number to confirm your device. A link will be sent to your device, which you need to click to confirm your device.

Step 3: The app will have you scan the front and back of your ID.

Step 4: Users will then be asked to take a selfie and perform a liveness detection test. 

Step 5: Users will select and confirm a personal identification number. Once this final authentication factor is confirmed, the Missouri mDL is ready to be used. 

As the push toward mobile IDs becomes more and more popular, these mDLs will become more widely accepted at businesses as well as in more airports. To learn more about how you can use the mDL, check out the Dept. of Revenue’s page. For more information on ID scanning laws in Missouri as well as the United States, visit our ID Laws Portal.

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