Mississippi mobile driver’s license app is live

Screenshot of Mississippi Mobile ID app

State of digital IDs in Mississippi

Residents can now store and access their Mississippi mobile driver’s license or state ID on the MID app.

According to the app’s website, Mississippi mobile driver’s license app keeps user data secure and ensures privacy of personal information by only storing information with the state system of record and on the user’s device.

Mississippi mobile ID

Digital ID app for Mississippi

“In today’s health-conscious environment, Mobile ID offers the convenience of a contactless method for verifying identity,” states the website. “By creating a direct line of communication with consumers, Mobile ID allows the DPS to push updates to information such as an address change or status update, so verifiers can be confident the identity they are accepting is authentic and up-to-date.”

According to Mississippi Mobile ID’s website, to be eligible for the app, you must fall under the following criteria:

“• You must have a valid and easily readable Mississippi driver license or state-issued photo ID card
• You must own a smartphone
o Minimum Phone Requirement: Android 7 and newer; iPhone 6 and newer (iOS 13 and newer)
o Android 10-based EMUI 10 devices are NOT supported
• You can’t use a jailbroken/rooted smartphone, so you can’t use a device where the software has been manipulated to remove restrictions and limitations placed there by the manufacturer.”

To obtain a Mississippi mobile driver’s license, you must first download the Mississippi Mobile ID app. After downloading, you should register your phone number. Next, you should scan your ID so that it may display on the app. After that, take a selfie to authenticate yourself. After taking a selfie, you may now set up the app security by creating a six digital pin for login purposes.

Mobile ID security

Officials with the Department of Public Safety say residents’ information is secure and can only be accessed with their fingerprint or face ID. The app cannot be used when stopped by law enforcement or boarding a plane.

Opinions are varied on the new app, with some liking the idea of having less items to carry while others are more concerned with potential security risks.

For more information, view the specifics of digital driver’s license integration within the United States.

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