When is the Indiana mobile driver’s license coming?

Indiana state house

State of digital ID in Indiana

In May of 2019, Governor Eric Holcomb signed off on the implementation of an Indiana mobile driver’s license in the state by signing House Bill 1506. This bill included several components, many of which worked to increase efficiency at the BMV, as well as issue the Indiana mobile driver’s licenses to residents. While this bill was signed in 2019, the state is still waiting for it to be put into effect. In 2019, BMV officials told the press the mDL would be available by July of 2021. However, that did not happen, and there is no current timeline regarding the mDL availability.

BMV spokesperson Melissa Hook told the Indianapolis Business Journal that “Indiana is actively researching opportunities to bring a mobile driver’s license and ID card to Indiana, which includes cost projections and options for bringing this service to market.” Therefore, the state of Indiana seems to be working toward implementation with research toward an effective mDL program.

mDL advantages

There are many advantages to mobile driver’s licenses, namely the security and convenience factors. mDLs are highly secure in that they do not reveal unnecessary information to others unless granted permission. For example, if pulled over by the police, one can show his or her mDL, and only significant information, such as age, will be displayed. These mobile driver’s licenses also offer convenience to residents with such easy accessibility, whether that be through an app or through the Apple Wallet feature. 

Indiana has no specific plan yet regarding how it will implement digital driver’s licenses for its residents. Indiana Representative Ed Soliday believes high turnover at the BMV may be the cause for such a delay on the program.

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