How to get an Arkansas digital ID

Arkansas driver with digital ID

State of digital ID in Arkansas

In September of 2017, Arkansas passed Act557 (formerly SB428) that allows Arkansans to have a digital copy of their ID on a mobile device. The bill mentions that the digital driver’s license would be available to view on a mobile device or computer. To obtain this digital copy, residents must pay a $10 fee at the Arkansas Office of Driver Services, and they will be given access to a digital copy, which will be valid for the same length of time as their physical ID. 

The Arkansas mobile ID as discussed here is not the same as other states’ mobile driver’s licenses in which Apple Wallet or a state-based application is utilized. In Louisiana, residents use the app called LA Wallet to hold their digital driver’s license, as well as other licenses and permits including COVID-19 vaccine cards and fishing licenses. Arkansas may one day upgrade the digital copy of licenses to read on applications, but this digital copy is a great step in the right direction for the state.

Current implications

For now, the digital version only works on the ground in Arkansas. For example, if you get pulled over, you are legally allowed to use the digital copy when identifying yourself to the police

However, the Arkansas mobile ID is not accepted by TSA or government entities outside of Arkansas.

Act557 does not specify whether businesses are required to accept the Arkansas digital ID for age or identity verification.

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