Treez POS Hardware Options

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Integrate ID scanning into your dispensary’s workflow by activating your VeriScan Cloud account. Shop Treez-compatible ID scanning hardware.  

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All of our ID scanners can be seamlessly integrated into Treez POS.

ID scanner make/modelPanasonic N1Unitech SwiftScanThales CR5400Thales AT10K
Windows-compatible desktop ID scanner
Scans all North American IDs
Scans global passports and passport cards
Scan MMJ cardsBarcodeBarcodeBarcode, OCRBarcode, OCR
Detect expired IDs
Age verification (18+, 21+)
2D barcode security checks to catch anomalous PDF417 barcodes
ID authentication to catch up to 95% of fake IDs
Scan speed0.4 seconds0.6 seconds7.7 seconds9.2 seconds
Authentication speed10.8 seconds11.9 seconds
Capture image of the ID or cropped ID photo
Custom privacy settings – save or flush PII