Age Restricted Vending Hardware Bundle


Age restricted vending is the process of selling products that typically require age verification (alcohol, cigarettes, ammo) in an unattended retail environment such as a vending machine, kiosk, soda fountain, or unstaffed store.

About Age Restricted Vending

Unattended retail is popular around the world, however there are no standards for unattended retail of age restricted products. Use in venues, at festivals, in hotel rooms, and in other difficult-to-staff environments we believe has the opportunity to open additional sales channels for businesses.

Our ARV software is easy to integrate. It takes over the interface on the screen during the age verification process, and then sends a “yes” or “no” signal to your vending software to allow the customer to complete the transaction. It is compatible with all widely used touchscreen vending software POS systems. Learn more about Age Restricted Vending.


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Shipment Includes

  • E-Seek M500 Authentication ID scanner
  • Asus Mini PC kit
  • Logitech C920e Webcam
  • M500 Cleaning and Calibration Kit


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Drivers & Setup