VeriScan ID verification platform adds face matching, knowledge-based authentication

Identity quiz for VeriScan customers using IdentiFraud

New identity verification and fraud reduction features added to the platform

“Catching fake IDs is critical, but we are also laser focused on tools that help businesses ensure the customer is the rightful holder of the ID being presented.”

— Joshua Sheetz, IDScan.net VP of Engineering

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2024 / EINPresswire.com / — Committed to staying at the forefront of identity verification technology, IDScan.net’s VeriScan ID scanner app has launched two major product advancements to improve the resilience of its platform against evolving fraudulent activities. These newly implemented features reinforce VeriScan’s position as a trusted leader in identity verification, age verification, and visitor management.

“Fraud is constantly evolving, but so are our tools to combat it,” said IDScan.net VP of Engineering, Joshua Sheetz. “Catching fake IDs is critical, but we are also laser focused on tools that help businesses ensure the customer is the rightful holder of the ID being presented. Our goal is always to help businesses incrementally improve their security posture.”

Face matching

VeriScan now offers face matching which compares an individual using a hi-resolution webcam to the image on their ID. The technology rapidly creates a 342-point facial template, which is then compared to the cropped image on their ID.

Face matching helps combat the use of stolen or borrowed IDs by ensuring that the individual presenting their ID is the true owner of the identity document. ID sharing, and ID passbacks are especially common for underage alcohol sales, and use of stolen, but legitimate, identity documents presents a substantial fraud and theft risk, especially for online commerce.

Face match is available for users of VeriScan ID Authentication.

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) Identity Quiz

Now VeriScan users can trigger a randomized identity quiz based on results of a multi-source third party query. After a rapid check against sources such as the United States Postal Service and Social Security Administration, VeriScan generates a short quiz, which can be used to help adjudicate IDs or individuals which appear suspicious by prompting the visitor to answer KBA questions. KBA questions such as “which of the following addresses have you lived at?” and “what is your mother’s maiden name?” have long been a hallmark of identity verification and passwordless authentication.

KBA Identity Quiz is available for users of VeriScan Premium and above, and requires the trigger of a third party check to generate the randomized quiz.

The new product enhancements are intended to strengthen the VeriScan platform’s functionality beyond ID verification and visitor management, into identity verification. They join existing tools such as DMV Data Verification, IdentiFraud checks, and ID authentication which are used by thousands of customers to help stay compliant and reduce fraud.

VeriScan has also been expanding its feature set in other ways. In February, VeriScan for iOS announced mobile ID acceptance, and last year announced compatibility with medical marijuana cards for more than 18 states.

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