No extra hardware required with IDScan.net’s secure verification app for iPhone

New! Mobile ID Acceptance Using VeriScan for iOS

Merchants can now use IDScan.net’s VeriScan mobile iOS app to accept mobile IDs in Apple Wallet and other standards-compliant mobile IDs for in-person purchases, with only their iPhone. In a release, IDScan.net CEO Terry Slattery says the firm is “thrilled to enable merchants to begin accepting mobile IDs easily and securely in-person – with no additional hardware needed.”

Already live in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Maryland, IDScan.net promises secure and private mobile ID verification and a streamlined process for age checks for merchants who download and sign up for the VeriScan iOS app. Once an ID verification request is initiated, IDs can be validated with contactless transfer or by using a QR code.

Customers can review, vet and consent to the sharing of their information before the encrypted verification process. The system means no extraneous data is shared; no document or device is exchanged between humans, and only the minimum amount of data needed to verify age or identity is disclosed. Information about transactions is not stored by either IDScan.net, Apple or merchants using the VeriScan app.

IDScan.net, which provides algorithmic identity verification for age validation and fraud reduction in high-compliance industries, recently promoted Executive VP Jim Burke to President, in anticipation of a year of rapid expansion and growth.

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