IDScan.net solution tops retail tech trends for 2018

Leading ID scanning solution prevents fraud and improves customer experience.

With the New Year approaching, IDScan.net’s suite of solutions tops the list of technologies that retailers should be considering for 2018. Relied upon by some of the largest in the United States, the fully customizable ID scanning solutions allow retailers to prevent fraud while improving customer experience.

Using the most robust parsing engine on the market, IDScan.net’s solutions allow retailers to capture the data on IDs and verify them within seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. With ease and speed, consumer data is harvested from IDs and auto-populated into the retailer’s POS platform or any type of database.

Retailers are using the solutions to streamline customer enrollment for rewards programs, credit cards, and gift registries, as well as to verify customer identity for in-store merchandise pick-ups and refunds.

“Not only are IDScan.net’s solutions streamlining customer enrollment, we’re helping prevent fraud, which is increasingly threatening to retailers,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of IDScan.net, which was the first to market mobile ID scanning capabilities nearly a decade ago.

LexisNexis’ newly-released 2017 True Cost of Fraud report estimates the total amount of loss a merchant incurs, based on the actual dollar value of a fraudulent transaction, is up this year to $2.77 from last year’s $2.40. Furthermore, the report notes that the volume of fraud has been on the rise for both successful and prevented fraudulent transactions. However, noted in the report was merchants’ use of a limited set of solutions to fight fraud, often using one-size-fits-all programs.

“Retailers are facing increasing challenges in fighting fraud with the development of new payment methods and increased online purchases. To keep up with the changing technologies and tactics fraudsters use, our solutions are versatile, allowing retailers to adapt the software to meet their specific needs in mitigating the effects of fraud,” said Petrov.

IDScan.net’s newly released mobile enterprise solution seamlessly integrates into a retailer’s native app or mobile website to facilitate and enhance any type of customer onboarding process. Retailers can view a demo of this solution at NRF next month where IDScan.net will be exhibiting at booth 358.

All of IDScan.net’s solutions are completely customizable and offer a variety of added features for further layers of identity verification, including facial recognition technology.

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net provides businesses with the highest quality ID scanning solutions to quickly and easily capture and verify an individual’s information. Within a second and with 100% accuracy, our technology can tell your front line staff everything they need to know about the person standing in front of them. We provide a full spectrum of solutions to customers across a range of industries for fraud prevention, access control, automatic data capture, age verification, and visitor management. Trusted by top brands like IBM and Shell, our suite of customizable solutions is being deployed by leaders across industries from gaming and hospitality to retail and finance. As the first company to market with mobile ID scanning capabilities, IDScan.net is still pioneering cutting-edge technologies that anticipate the rapidly evolving needs of tomorrow.