IDScan.net expands product line with two cutting-edge ID scanners for enhanced data capture, fraud reduction

Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner

New ID scanners offer improved speed, security, streamlined installation experience

IDScan.net, an innovator in identity verification and data capture solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its product offerings with the introduction of two state-of-the-art ID scanners. These new additions, both provided by leading electronics company, Unitech (TWSE:3652), are designed to elevate accuracy, efficiency, and security, further solidify IDScan.net’s commitment to providing industry-leading solutions to businesses across various sectors.

The Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner is a cutting edge handheld ID scanner built on the Android operating system. It features auto-focus laser scanning that instantly detects and reads IDs, drivers licenses, and passports. Notably, the PA768 boasts a large scan-range of more than 2’, which allows for lightning fast ID reading without needing to position the ID at a consistent distance in front of the laser, a key benefit for security guards and bouncers at busy venues. 

The second addition to IDScan.net’s product line is the SwiftScan TS200 by Unitech, a compact yet powerful desktop ID scanner equipped with advanced image recognition and data extraction capabilities. The SwiftScan TS200 boasts a lightning-fast scanning process that captures data from barcodes and MRZs in [less than X time]. The device is capable of reading both passports, and digital IDs which expose a 2D barcode. It was developed specifically for the needs of IDScan.net customers who require rapid scanning and passport data-capture capabilities and is compatible with both VeriScan and ParseLink software products. 

“The addition of these two ID scanners to our product lineup underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to operate with greater efficiency and security,” said IDScan.net CEO, Terry Slattery. “Unitech has been a strong hardware partner for many years, and we are excited to pair their latest scanner offerings with our best-in-class software.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with IDScan.net in launching the Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner and the SwiftScan TS200 desktop ID scanner, ushering in a new era of efficiency and security for businesses across sectors” Unitech President, Scott Chung.

IDScan.net’s expanded ID scanner offerings come at a time when many industries are recognizing the need for advanced identity verification solutions to combat fraud and provide a more streamlined customer experience. As regulatory requirements become more rigorous businesses are seeking partners that can provide cutting-edge technologies that meet these evolving needs. Both the Unitech PA768 and the SwiftScan TS200 by Unitech are available for purchase via the IDScan.net web store.

About Unitech

For more than thirty years, Unitech has been a global leader in data collection technologies, creating a wide range of scanning and computing devices to enhance business efficiency and productivity. With specialized teams in the U.S. for sales, customer service, and technical support, Unitech is dedicated to offering technology solutions that continually enhance the working processes of its customers. Their focus on product design and development enables them to anticipate evolving customer needs. Uniquely, Unitech’s products can be personalized with logos, designs, and colors, setting them apart and adding an extra layer of customer service. The core of Unitech’s approach is to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction by prioritizing honesty, integrity, and a dedication to excellence.

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is the leading AI-powered identity verification platform focusing on age validation and fraud reduction for high compliance industries. We have enhanced digital and physical environments for more than 7,000 customers including IBM, Jack Henry, Shell, AMC Theaters, Trader Joe’s, and Circa Casinos.

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