Kentucky ID Scanning Laws & Regulations

Kentucky sample ID

Can you scan an ID in Kentucky?

Kentucky law does not regulate a business’s practice of scanning IDs or retaining information obtained from a scan. 

Overview of Kentucky ID Scanning Laws

In the absence of any statute governing issues associated with a business’s practice of scanning IDs, a business is likely allowed to scan IDs and to retain information obtained from a scan, subject to applicable privacy laws. 

Does Kentucky offer affirmative defense for ID scanning?

There is no reference to affirmative defense for ID scanning in any Kentucky laws.

Kentucky Law 244.085 Minor alcohol possession & sale

A person under twenty-one (21) years of age shall not misrepresent the person’s age for the purpose of inducing any licensee, or the licensee’s agent, servant, or employee, to sell or serve any alcoholic beverages to the underage person. A person under twenty-one (21) years of age shall not use, or attempt to use any false, fraudulent, or altered identification card, paper, or any other document to purchase or attempt to purchase or otherwise obtain any alcoholic beverage.

Kentucky House Bill 74. An Act relating to pawnbrokers

Requires pawnbrokers to record the driver’s license, other government-issued picture identification card, or Social Security number (if no picture identification is available) of every person leaving property that has been pawned or sold.

Kentucky Law 365.725. Destruction of customer records

When a business disposes of, other than by storage, any customer’s records that are not
required to be retained, the business shall take reasonable steps to destroy, or arrange for
the destruction of, that portion of the records containing personally identifiable
information by shredding, erasing, or otherwise modifying the personal information in
those records to make it unreadable or indecipherable through any means.