Utah Code 32B-1-407 and ID scanning compliance

bouncer at bar checking IDs for admittance

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:33 pm

Underage alcohol use has become an overwhelming concern in the United States. Underage individuals who drink are more likely to be affected by things like school problems, acts of violence, and motor vehicle crashes. In fact, 12.4% of all persons aged 16–25 years reported driving under the influence of alcohol. In an effort to combat underage alcohol use, Utah has passed Utah Code 32B-1-407. The new code went into effect on July 1st of 2022, and here is what you can expect.

New legislation

Utah Code 32B-1-407 now requires an authorized person to verify proof of age for anyone who appears to be under 35 years of age before any of the following:

  • gains admittance to the premises of a bar licensee or tavern;
  • procures an alcoholic product on the premises of a dining club licensee; or
  • procures an alcoholic product in a dispensing area in the premises of a full-service restaurant licensee, a limited-service restaurant licensee, or a beer-only restaurant licensee.

In order to comply with the above requirements, authorized persons must request proof of age and verify the validity of the ID electronically using a verification program. 

ID scanning requirements

In order for the electronic verification system stated in Utah Code 32B-1-407 to meet compliance requirements, it must be able to verify proof of age. The technology must also be able to display name, age, DOB, gender, etc. to the authorized person. 

As a bar owner or operator in an establishment that serves liquor in Utah, you know that by law you are required to electronically verify the age of a person that appears to be 35 years or younger before allowing them to enter your premise or serving them alcohol. This is where quality ID scanning solutions come into play. IDScan.net’s cloud based solutions allow those responsible for serving alcohol to:

  • Verify Age
  • Collect Date of Birth
  • Time Stamp ID Scan Automatically
  • Collect Expiration Date of ID
  • Collect ID Number
  • Identify ID Type
  • Automatically Delete Records Every 7 Days

PII and data retention

Utah Code 32B-1-407 has certain security requirements that must be implemented to ensure the privacy and security of the data being obtained. Licensees must ensure that all information obtained is only used for purposes of verifying age in accordance with legal requirements. It is also important to note that the data obtained may only be retained for seven days after the date it was originally obtained. 

Solutions to ensure compliance

IDScan.net offers an extensive suite of options to ensure your business remains compliant. Our wide range of ID scanners, combined with our VeriScan software solution can allow your business to catch up to 95% of fake IDs. We offer both handheld and desktop solutions, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our VeriScan software is also configured to allow complete customization of what data your business stores, and for how long. So, since Utah Code 32B-1-407 only allows recordkeeping for 7 days, you can configure the program to delete those records after the allotted time period. 

Our solutions go beyond the requirements, they will enhance your establishment’s operations and increase your bottom line. Some additional features include:

  • Read Drivers Licenses and ID Cards from All 50 States
  • Read All Passports
  • Collect Valuable Demographic Data to Tailor Marketing Efforts
  • Access Scanned Information Remotely
  • Easily Share Information with Law Enforcement

Check out some of our top recommendations for Bars and Nightclubs and see if any of those solutions would work for your business; if not, our team is more than happy to help guide you into making the perfect choice for your business. Be sure to follow along for more information on Utah’s ID Scanning Laws!