The future of mobile gaming in 2022

Person gaming on mobile device

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 12:18 pm

The mobile gaming market, also known as mobile gambling or iGaming, is enjoying a period of rapid growth. Mobile sports betting, now legal in more than 2 dozen states, the future of mobile gaming looks extremely bright – with some analysts predicting the industry to grow to $100 billion annually by 2026.

However, sports betting isn’t the only factor driving growth in the mobile gaming industry. Not only is increased access to online poker, mobile casino apps, and fantasy sports betting pushing the industry forward in 2022, a growing number of states are authorizing online lotteries and online horse racing to residents over 21. And with the success of these programs directly helping fund infrastructure development, education improvements, and other state projects, people across the nation will continue pushing their state legislators to pass legislation that increases access to online gaming in their area.

Why is mobile gaming doing so well?

It’s no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic drastically reduced in-person gaming in many places in 2020, such as Las Vegas (which saw a 25.2% decrease in revenue from the previous year). While players were understandably hesitant to return to in-person gaming in 2021, even after vaccines became widely available, many players took advantage of the ease and convenience offered by mobile applications to meet their gaming needs instead. This resulted in a massive surge in iGaming revenue, skyrocketing upward more than 300%, and helped the gaming industry set all-time revenue records by the end of the year. 

Additionally, technological developments are helping to make online gaming more appealing to the general public. Not only are developers creating full-feature mobile phone applications that offer more than just sports betting and poker, they are also finding opportunities to intersect with other tech to improve player experiences. 

Here are some of the developments to watch for in 2022 and beyond: 

  • Virtual Reality Gaming – As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology continues to improve and become more accessible, mobile gaming operators are integrating these mechanics into the iGaming industry to further bring the casino experience into homes
  • Cryptocurrency iGaming  – Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are steadily gaining momentum in the mobile gaming sphere, attracting players with the promise of quick transactions, enhanced security, and a level of anonymity that in-person gaming just can’t compete with. Moving through 2022 and into the future, it’s safe to say that the integration of cryptocurrency into mobile gaming will continue to increase
  • Live Dealers – Further bringing the casino into player homes, many iGaming operators are integrating live dealers into their applications. This provides an unprecedented level of interactivity that keeps players engaged, emulating the casino environment through a more immersive gaming experience
  • AI Security – Artificial Intelligence solutions are rapidly transforming the mobile gaming industry, giving operators and players a more secure environment for gaming transactions. Additionally, AI integration supports responsible gaming, using powerful analytics to identify cheating, addiction, and other patterns that can help promote healthy mobile gaming

The Takeaway

As mobile gaming continues to expand through 2022 and beyond, operators need to focus on responsible practices that foster an enjoyable experience for players. A foundational part of this is ensuring that players are who they say they are, without convoluted and unnecessarily invasive identity verification processes. 

By partnering with experts in the ID verification field, mobile gaming companies can protect their interests while providing the security that players deserve. IDScan.net specializes in verification for the mobile gaming industry, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art validation technologies into applications that won’t interrupt the player experience. These tools also facilitate player involvement in loyalty programs, further enhancing gaming applications through rewards that mirror in-person casino operations. 

Moving forward, iGaming operators integrating mobile id validation tools like those provided by IDScan.net can take full advantage of a booming market, while maximizing profit and ensuring compliance with state and federal gaming regulations. 

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