Michigan Just Released A New ID Format

Michigan released a new ID format

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 06:51 am

Michigan recently released a new ID format which features not only a new design, but new security features as well. The old design featured the beloved Mackinac Bridge. The new Michigan ID design will no longer feature the bridge, but will instead feature the Michigan Coat of Arms. 

Another new ID feature will be the two line name format, designed to accommodate individuals with longer names. There are also several new security features that have been added in an effort to make counterfeiting IDs more difficult. 

For those individuals under 21, while the design may change, the orientation will still be in the vertical format for quick determination that a person is under 21. However, the one major change for under 21 IDs is that the IDs will no longer say “Under the age of” and will instead read “Under the age of 21 UNTIL”

New Michigan ID format and design

New design features

  • Mackinac Bridge replaced with the Michigan Coat of Arms
  • Font and color scheme have been updated
  • Names of the 5 Great Lakes are displayed in multicolor text
  • Two line name format for longer names
  • White star inside a gold Michigan emblem to indicate REAL ID compliance
  • New phrasing on under 21 IDs (see above)

New security features

  • Laser perforations
  • Touchable indentations
  • Engraved data
  • Magnetic stripe on the back has been replaced with a scannable barcode
  • Waving American flag

Is my current ID still valid? 

Yes, your current Michigan ID is still valid until the expiration date on the current ID. The new ID format has just begun the rollout process, so unless your card needs to be renewed, replaced, or updated, the old ID format will still be sufficient. 

Does VeriScan still work with the new ID format?

Yes. As with all new ID formats, we ensure our AI is trained to read the new ID. This includes our ID authentication engine, in which we ensure all new security features have been introduced into VeriScan so that fake IDs without the new security features are easily flagged as fake. If you are using VeriScan and having trouble getting the new Michigan IDs to scan, please make sure your software has been updated. In the event that you’re still having issues, don’t hesitate to reach out, as we are more than happy to help troubleshoot the issue and make sure you’re able to scan the new ID format.