How to upload self-exclusion or casino banned lists into VeriScan

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:12 pm

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion or banned lists describes a popular program type in which problem gamblers self-select to disallow themselves from casinos by adding themselves to self-exclusion lists. It is typically enforced either at the casino entrance by ID scanning or facial recognition software, or at the cage, by not allowing self-excluded individuals to collect any winnings. 

Self-exclusion lists are typically confidential and distributed directly to casinos via the state’s gaming board. Some casinos or tribes also maintain their own self-exclusion lists. 

What is involuntary exclusion or a banned list?

Involuntary exclusion refers to state, or casino-held lists that ban specific individuals from the premises due to cheating or other illegal behavior. Many states make these banned lists publicly available for review. At IDScan we have gathered and cleaned all available casino banned lists for easy import into your casino’s visitor management system.

Where do I find self-exclusion lists or banned list by state?

IDScan.net maintains a library with links to banned lists for all states that offer them. 

How to import casino banned lists into VeriScan Online

Your list will need to be in an Excel or CSV format. Then the list can easily be imported using a template. 

If you have an excel compatible spreadsheet with a list of all banned users, you can import an alert list using a template.

This can be found under veriscanonline.com > Groups/Alerts > Alert List > Import Alert List

Next, you will need to Enable the Alert List, so that it alerts you in the event that a banned 

veriscanonline.com > Settings > Local Settings > Check Alert List

The acceptable combinations of user data to check against are listed in the dropdown box:

Depending on your device, you may also need to enable alerts locally on the device:

VeriScan Online for Desktop

General > Local Alerts > Show Popup

VeriScan Online for Android

≡ Menu Button > Settings > Alert List Warning

VeriScan Online for iOS

Settings (Gear Icon) > Alert List Enabled

Once this is complete, your banned list is now imported and alerts are set up. Now VeriScan will alert you in the event that someone added to a casino banned list is scanned by your venue. 

For more information on List Imports, visit the Support Article: Online List Alert.