Why IDScan.net ARV for cannabis is changing the game for marijuana vending machines

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:47 pm

Gone are the days of old vending machines where you press B3 in order to get a bag of chips. Now, these vending machines are large, elaborate units with interactive touch screens that offer an endless array of product options, among those are cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol.

IDScan.net will debut new, age restricted vending (ARV) at MJBizCon 2022. Though the machine at the show will be tailored to the cannabis industry, embedded age verification makes the device suitable for selling all types of products, from CBD to ammo. 

This innovative, new cannabis vending machine is made possible through the collaboration of several companies. But what makes this cannabis vending machine different from others before it? Simple. Biometric and ID Scanning technology, combined into one powerful authentication engine.

Why prior cannabis vending machines have struggled post-launch

Since 2020, several companies have launched machines they have marketed as “cannabis vending machines.” Most notably is Green Roads, a product from American Vending. But, when it comes to compliance with age requirements and ensuring underage people won’t be able to buy cannabis or CBD products they have said, “yes, the machines ask customers to affirm that they’re 18, but that’s hard to enforce” per a Forbes article written earlier this year. Simply put, the machine lacks the capability of reliably authenticating an ID, and matching the purchaser to the photo on that ID. 

Another company based in Colorado, Anna, also created their version of the cannabis vending machine, but with a couple of caveats. First, the machine has to physically be inside the dispensary in order to be allowed. Second, and most importantly, the “automated vending machine” must be manned by a budtender so that they can physically check with customers ID, at which point, the machine seems a little redundant and a checkout line would be just as easy. For those truly wanting an automated experience, ID Scanning and Biometric analysis needs to be incorporated into the machine.

The new cannabis vending machine offered by IDScan.net and their collaborators solved this problem by the integration of a custom software that guides customers via voice prompts through the ID Scanning and Facial Recognition portion of the purchase.

This process starts with a customer inserting their ID into the designated area. Inside that machine is a built-in ID Scanner that scans the ID using white light, UV light, and infrared light to authenticate the legitimacy of the ID. After the ID has been authenticated, the cannabis vending machine then guides users through the Biometric section of the process. The customer is asked to follow a series of commands in order to assure matching to the ID while ensuring liveness and anti-spoofing of the customer to prevent fraud.

While all of this might sound like a long process just to purchase some Cannabis or CBD products, the entire age verification process takes less than 30 seconds! That is a miniscule amount of time to ensure that your business remains compliant and you don’t lose your Cannabis retail license. 

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