Benefits of DMV data verification service

DMV data verification map of available states

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:39 pm

Improve your handheld or mobile ID scanning by layering DMV checks

Any form of ID that is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), such as driver’s licenses, driving permits, and ID cards, can be altered or counterfeit. DMV Data Verification Service allows its users to verify that the data on the ID being presented matches the data from the corresponding jurisdiction that issued the document. With DMV Data Verification checks, you can verify a person’s identity by scanning their driver’s license to help prevent any form of fraudulent behavior.

What is DMV data verification?

DMV data verification is the process of running the driver’s license or ID card data through the corresponding State DMV’s database. This service will parse the data that was scanned from the ID and send that information to the DMV’s database to determine whether or not the information provided on the license matches with what is documented in their system.

If the information that was scanned matches the data in their database, you will receive a notification confirming the data matches the DMV records. However, if the data does not match, the system will give you an unmatched result. From there, you can either choose another verification method such as Identifraud Identity Validation or scan the ID with an ID authentication software and hardware solution.

Why are data verification checks beneficial?

While there are methods to visually catch a fake ID, the DMV provides a more accurate and effective way to verify whether or not an ID is real. Data verification checks can help prevent certain types of fraud and provide up-to-date, real-time results.

With DMV data verification being a government official source, the information provided is legitimate and reliable. It offers peace of mind that the information in the system is the most accurate information provided.

Lastly, DMV data verification checks are real-time, verifying the information within seconds. There is little to no wait time, especially without the manual labor of inputting the information into the system and eliminating keystroke errors. Data automation from scanning the barcode on an ID provides 100% accurate data every time, and in less than one second.

What are the advantages?

Data verification service uses real-time data to verify the identification document that has been scanned. Data verification service can benefit its users by:

  • Preventing fraudulent use of driver’s license
  • Verify the ID is legitimate by querying the state’s official database of known identities

The limitations of DMV data verification checks

As mentioned previously, not all states participate in this service. Several states only allow law enforcement agencies to query their database, so

DMV data verification can only confirm if the information provided on the driver’s license matches what is in their database, however, it cannot confirm if the person who is using the license is the owner or if the photo and signature are a true match.

What types of businesses would benefit from DMV data verification checks?

Data Verification checks would be a great fit for businesses such as financial institutions, retail,  casinos, hotels, nightclubs and bars, car rental companies, and dispensaries.

It is ideal for delivery businesses who are using a handheld scanner, but need to deeply confirm identity before releasing age restricted goods.