Age verification guidelines for Maryland cannabis dispensaries

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:47 pm

The state of Maryland has released their guidelines on age verification for recreational dispensaries regarding recreational-use cannabis. The state is requiring cannabis dispensaries to perform age verification at the point of sale, and restrict entry to those over the age of 21.

COMAR 14/17.01 references to age verification

At the point of sale

(4) Before any distribution of cannabis, a dispensary agent shall query the Administration data network using a unique log-in that identifies the registered dispensary agent.

(5) At the point of sale, a dispensary agent shall verify that the consumer is 21 years old or older using the consumer’s government-issued photo identification.

For building entry

A dispensary must restrict access to only qualifying patients, caregivers, and individuals over the age of 21.

For delivery

.03 Micro Dispensary or Delivery Service.
A. Prior to the placement of any order, a micro dispensary licensed to dispense cannabis under COMAR shall verify the consumer is:
(1) 21 years old or older;
(2) A qualifying patient; or
(3) A registered caregiver for a qualifying patient

Maryland businesses will not be able to deliver weed just yet. The first licenses for cannabis delivery will not be awarded until January 1, 2024.

D. Beginning July 1, 2024, a registered ancillary business for delivery may not deliver cannabis.

For recordkeeping

Additionally, dispensary agents are required under regulations to deny sales to any consumer whose purchase patterns may reasonably be used for resale or product diversion.
The MCA may query METRC for purchases that either: (a) violate the sales restrictions set forth in regulations; or (b) approach an amount of cannabis products that could reasonably be interpreted for resale or diversion.

While this text does not specifically require ID scanning, it implies that strict record keeping is necessary, as the state may inspect records to find instances that are likely to be related to diversion and resale on the secondary market.

Read the full text of Maryland’s dispensary guidance document.

For grow facilities

When a visitor is admitted to a non-public area of the premises of a licensee, a registered grow agent shall:

  1. Log the visitor in and out
  2. Retain a log with a photocopy of the visitor’s government issued IDs
  3. The licensee shall maintain a log of all visitors to non-public areas for 2 years

Age verification for Maryland cannabis dispensaries

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