Download IDScan.net SDKs

ID Parsing SDK for Windows (DLL / .NET)

Last updated 6/13/24

Download .NET Framework 4.0  – v.16.2406.13.1>
Download .NET Standard 2.0  – v.16.2406.13.1>

.NET ID Parser Manual

 ID Parsing SDK (Swift / Objective-C iOS) – v1.220127.1 

Last updated 1/27/2022

iOS Manuals

Download Android ID Parsing SDK – v.1.28.4 >>

Last updated 1/27/2022

Download Java/C++ Linux ID Parsing SDK – v1.29.1>>

Download Java/C++ Windows ID Parsing SDK – v1.29.1>>

Last updated 12/6/2022

Camera ID Scanning library for mobile applications

 Download Camera Scanning SDK (Swift / Objective-C iOS) v1.220127.1 >>

Last updated 1/27/2022

iOS Manuals

Download Camera Scanning Scanning SDK (Android) v2.4.0 >>

Last updated 1/11/2019

Camera Scanning SDK Manual

Authentication SDK for Developers

Last updated 5/23/2024

3.14 – Compatible with ParseLink v, Classic VeriScan Incompatible with WizzForms.

Download ASDK Host v3.14>> (ASDK Data is now embedded)

Download ASDK Setup v3.14 via Cloud Installer >>

Last updated 2/12/2024

3.12 – Compatible with WizzForms.

Download ASDK Host v3.12 >>
Download ASDK Data v3.12 >>
Download ASDK Setup v3.12 >>

Example project links

Download hardware drivers

Thales AT9000, AT10K, CR5400, KR9000, QS2000, QS1000

Thales CR100, CR100M

E-Seek M200, M210, M250, M260

E-Seek M280

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  3. Drivers install guide

E-Seek M500

Hardware SDKs

E-Seek native hardware SDK



Thales native hardware SDK