Gated Community Access Control

Use ID scanning to help streamline your community management system and ensure the security of your residents or tenants

Gated community visitor management software provides frontline security so you know who is on-premises at any time

Gate agents and security guards rely on’s visitor management system for gated communities to maintain the safety of residents and their property.

ID Scanner for Bars

More than 1,500 gated communities, office buildings, and secure facilities around the country utilize VeriScan to provide best-in-class ID scanning.

Easily Process Visitors at Gated Residences, Campuses, and Secure Facilities

Check in guests, contractors, and vendors with a handheld ID scanner, creating a date and time-stamped record of each individual who enters your communi

  • Classify individuals to quickly process residents, frequent visotors, or contractors who need easy-access for a set length of time.
  • Set up instant alerts when individuals on your banned list attempt to gain entry.
  • Send alerts to your residents when their guest arrives on site and has cleared security
  • Capture an image of the individual, their ID, their vehicle, or their license plate and instantly attach it to their record
  • Perform ID authentication to provide the highest degree of security and ensure guests are who they say they are
  • Sync data between all your community entrances

Gated Entry Made Easy

Sync ID data directly into your residents management system.

Time-stamped records of each scanned ID
Easily tag individuals or add them to lists
Add guest vehicle information
Capture an image of the guest from ther ID or using a mounted webcam or mobile device
Easily review visitor history to pinpoint time of specific entries
Print visitor parking passes or badges
Ingest cropped image of the ID for easy, visual recall of a particular guest
Add on third party checks against criminal databases if desired

Need help choosing an ID scanner for your gated community?

Our team of experts can advise on which products will help your community management system best stat scanning IDs for a safer, more secure entry experience.

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