Boxxtech expands alcohol vending machines to Progressive Field

The Boxx, alcohol vending machine for stadiums

Boxxtech launched its second alcohol vending machine at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on June 11, according to a press release. Baseball game attendees can use the refrigerated vending machine to purchase beer and pre-packaged cocktails during the baseball game.

“We are excited to be among the first companies to make unattended alcohol sales safe and effective by embedding ID authentication directly into the machine,” Lauren Smee, Boxxtech’s CEO, told the news outlet.

“For busy environments like stadiums and festivals, The Boxx is an ideal way to keep lines down for pre-packaged products, and reduce staffing costs while still serving the same amount of product.”

Boxxtech verifies customer’s age through Age Restricted Vending integration. The tech can accurately confirm customer age as well as face match the customer at the machine to the ID scanned.

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