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Visitor Management System

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Track visitors, manage and protect access, enforce protocols, and safeguard your employees and guests with a powerful visitor management system

visitor management system

VeriScan visitor visitor management software, captures information from every individual at the point of entry with the simple scan of an ID. Information is compiled and stored in our powerfully accurate, easy-to-use database, which can be queried at any time to control access to premises.

Benefits of Visitor Management

ID scanning at your entrance can keep your venue or premises safer and more secure, and streamline check-in processes.

Visitor Management Software Features

More than 6,500 businesses rely on VeriScan visitor management to help manage patrons, access, security, and more.

Generate or update a visitor profile/ guest log based on the scan of an ID or passport
Manual enter visitors who do not have an ID
Verify age of each visitor
Manage and view visitor profiles and visit history
Scan offline without WiFi access5 days14 days14 days14 days
Utilize standard lists (Banned, VIP, Trespassed)
Use VeriScan on handheld devices for portable visitor management
Capture and view ID images on your device
Single-device only
Create and manage custom lists (Employee, Vendor, Guest, etc.)
Set up notifications via email or SMS
Sync visitor profiles between multiple ID scanning devices
Integrate third party checks (Sex Offender, DMV, OFAC, etc.) to improve security at your entrance or front desk
Change and manage your PII retention settings to comply with state and local laws, as well as CCPA privacy regulations
Add agreements, waivers, signature-capture, and badge creation to your workflow
Capture photos of the ID or cropped ID image and sync to the cloud
Access webhooks for integration into your other technology systems
Create custom fields for your visitor profiles
Catch up to 95% of fake IDs✓*
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Secure Facility Entrance

Pre-approve and register each guest before entry, and track who is on premises at any given time.

  • Register guests prior to approval and send visitor requests to internal parties for approval.
  • Check individuals against criminal databases and OFAC/PEP lists
  • Maintain an accurate, up-to-the-minute in/out list in case of emergencies
  • Ensure you’re capturing accurate, government-verified data by ingesting fields printed on the ID

Front Desks & Lobbies

Expedite the check-in process by generating visitor profiles from the scan of an ID.

  • Automatically create a time-stamped record for each individual check-in
  • Classify individuals to acknowledge return visitors
  • Print a visitor badge that can be used to limit access and duration of visit
  • Review and export visit history for each guest
  • Share data across entrances and locations in real time

Gated Communities & Neighborhoods

Easily process visitors without them leaving their vehicle at gated residences and other campuses.

  • Use a handheld ID scanner to scan IDs of guests and visitors
  • Send text alerts to the party they are visiting on-site
  • Capture an image of the individual, their ID, and/or their license plate
  • Share data across your property entrances and mobile visitor management devices in real time.

Contract Tracing

Take guest temperatures and record guest contact information to better control the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Use a touch-free ID scanner and thermometer to check-in guests.
  • Maintain time-stamped records of every guest visitor
  • Easily export lists of all visitors on a particular day in the event of a positive COVID exposure.

Visitor Management Hardware & Software

Zebra TC210 ID Scanner Scanning ID

Mobile Age Verification

Pre-installed software makes it easy to start scanning visitors immediately, and manage guests, lists, and data in the secure cloud portal.

ID Authentication

Perform the highest level of scrutiny on each ID by performing ID authentication before adding each guest to the visitor management system.

Countertop Visitor Management

Utilize the IDWare Falcon with a countertop stand to create self-service kiosk capabilities for ID scanning and signing waivers and agreements

visitor management system

Age Verification & Visitor Management

Many bars, nightclubs, and dispensaries are looking to perform age verification in addition to visitor management.

Scan the guest’s ID or passport to verify their age. Our AI-powered software will additionally perform more than 75 algorithmic checks on the ID to provide a high level of confidence in the ID’s legitimacy.

If the ID is flagged as potentially fraudulent, you’ll receive a clear pop-up to alert your team.

The visitor management system will automatically create a visitor profile in your Guest Log, which will indicate that the guest is of-age.

When the guest visits again, each subsequent visit will be added to their visit history.

Built For Your Industry

Our visitor management solution is ideal for bars, nightclubs, retailers, dispensaries and other establishments that sell or provide age-restricted products or services.

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