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New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Publishes Last Minute ID Scanning Requirements

7 days before New Jersey dispensaries are to open for recreational marijuana sales, the NJCRC notified dispensaries of new requirements for ID scanning.

  • IDs must be scanned digitally
  • Audit logs of scans must be retained with no PII except for date of birth (other non-identifiable PII may be deemed acceptable to retain)
  • Audit logs must be sent to the NJCRC at intervals TBD
  • No other information parsed from a scanned ID may be saved

NJCRC did not provide guidance on setup of customer profiles inside of CRMs, or if information from the ID can be saved if the customer consents. 

This makes New Jersey the second state to officially mandate digital scanning and disallow visual ID inspection for cannabis purchase, after Nevada. It follows the model of other states such as Illinois and Massachusetts who have instructed dispensaries to flush some or all PII after ID verification is performed.