How Common Are Fake IDs?

With technology advancing and fake IDs becoming harder to spot, countless businesses are being slapped with fines every single day. In this article, we take a look at some statistics on fake IDs, and how you can catch them using AI Powered identity verification software. 

How Many Fake IDs Are Out There?

While exact numbers are unclear, one study found that 12.5% of high school students admitted to possession of fake ID, and 32.2% college students under the age of 21 admitted to possession as well. To narrow those statistics down even further, one cross sectional study found that 7.5% of youths aged 18-20 years old reported using a fake ID within the last month.

What are the Fake IDs Being Used For and Where are They Coming From?

Despite restrictions on the sale of alcohol to persons under 21 years of age, a whopping 51% of college students under the legal drinking age reported how easy it was for them to obtain alcohol. Of that percentage, 18% admitted the alcohol was purchased using a fake ID. So how are all these minors obtaining these fake IDs? One seizure from Cincinnati revealed that of the 14,000 fake IDs confiscated in 2020, 97% of those were shipped from either Hong Kong or China. 

How Do You Catch Fake IDs?

With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, fake IDs are becoming more realistic every day. State governments have tried combatting this by adding microchips, holograms, UV imaging, tactile features, etc., but with all these new features, it makes it hard for the naked eye to spot a very good fake ID. This is where technology comes into play. There are scanners on the market that can take images of the ID using different UV lighting to check for holograms and other security features. However, that’s not all they are capable of. Using AI powered software , the ID is compared against a known database of fake IDs, which allows for the most accurate ID validation and age verification on the market. 

With local governments cracking down on the sale of age restricted products to minors, the time to act is now! Don’t get hit with fines, or even jail time. Contact one of our industry experts and let us find the best possible solution to ensure your business remains compliant.