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ID Scanner App Solutions

for ID and Driver’s License Scanning

Our mobile ID and driver’s license scanner app was the first to market in 2009 and we have continued to set the standard for ID scanning on mobile devices, including purpose-built ID scanners, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

ID Scanning On A Mobile Device

IDScan.net’s mobile/handheld ID scanning solutions enhance environments and experiences across a variety of industries. Simply scan a driver’s license or passport using our mobile solution—our mobile software paired with mobile scanners from top manufacturers—and verify age, check for fake or expired IDs, and check in guests.

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Mobile ID scanning allows for flexible handheld scanning of IDs and passports. Our mobile scanning solutions sync to a centralized database and visitor management database.

Mobile Age Verification

IDWare Age is IDScan.net’s age verification solution that enables bars, nightclubs, dispensaries, retailers, and others selling age-restricted products to quickly spot underage and problem patrons.

When an ID or driver’s license is scanned, a record of the scan can be uploaded from the ID scanner app to the cloud.

Use Cases

ID Scanning at Point of Purchase. Behind the register at liquor stores, vape shops, and tobacco shops or behind the bar.

ID Scanning at Point of Entry. At the door for bars, nightclubs, dispensaries and any other venue with a minimum age to enter.

ID Scanning for Delivery. Scan IDs for deliveries of cannabis, alcohol, and other age restricted products.

How It Works

  • ID scanning using the mobile device’s embedded camera or an auto-focus laser
  • ID parsing to verify age against today’s date
  • 2D barcode security checks that perform 75 algorithmic checks on the 2D barcode, looking for anomalies
  • mDL (mobile driver’s license) scanning using the camera – accept digital IDs
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Mobile Visitor Management

IDWare Guest is IDScan.net’s visitor management solution that increases security in buildings and venues and enhances the experiences of all those who visit, work, or live inside. When an ID or driver’s license is scanned, a record of the guest and the visit is added to a cloud database. It is shared across locations in real-time and can be accessed by a web-based portal.

Available Features

Scan ID and ingest all data from the ID’s 2D barcode or MRZ.

Classify visitors as vendor, frequent guest, VIP, or banned. Build and manage custom lists.

Share data across multiple entrances or locations.

Export visit history and individual records.

Supported ID Formats

  • North American Driver’s Licenses
  • North American State IDs
  • Global Passports
  • Military ID Cards

VeriScan Online For Handheld

VeriScan Online is a powerful cloud-based ID scanner app that reads all passports, any type of US or Canadian ID and collects all of the information into an online dashboard.  Share lists (VIP, Banned, etc.), collect data, and generate sophisticated marketing reports.

VeriScan Online Features

  • Reads all passports (MRZ), Government issued Driver’s Licenses and other IDs from the U.S. and Canada using the camera of your phone
  • Age verification and adjustable age (18, 21, etc)
  • Collects customer info such as name, gender and mailing address
  • Customizable Groups Manager (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Capture additional data such as Phone, Email, Comments, Signature
  • Velocity check (multiple scan alert)
  • Instant report available right on mobile device
  • Capture a picture of an ID
  • Email/SMS alerts triggered by ID scans
  • Instantly displays statistics
  • 24/7/365 access to online dashboard to manage your visitors

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