Tiers & pricing



Per device


Scan all North American IDs

Scan global passports

Send data directly from the scanned ID into your Windows or cloud-based software



Per device

Includes Basic, plus:

Ultraviolet light scanning

Infrared light scanning

Hologram checks

Watermark checks

Catch 95% of fake IDs

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ID scanning & age verification
Scan North American drivers licenses
Scan global passports
Scan non-US drivers licenses
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Verify ID expiration date
*Requires specialty hardware
Identity verification
Integrate third party checks (DMV, Criminal Background, etc)
2D barcode security checks
Ultraviolet, infrared, and white light ID examination
Detect 95% of fake IDs
*Requires specialty hardware
Automatic form filling
Automatic data entry profiles
Create CSV visit log
COM port output
Flexibility for multiple data-entry workflows
Capture and view ID images on your device
Save images to a network drive
Capture face image from ID
Capture signature image from ID
Supported operating systems
Windows 10, Windows 11*
Windows 10,
Windows 11*
Scan offline without internet access
Launch automatically on startup
Secure your settings with an Admin PIN
*Other Windows operating systems may be compatible but are not supported. Learn why.