police id scanner

Police ID Scanner

A drivers license scanner for law enforcement can streamline incident report creation, and automatically collect citizen data.

ID Scanners & ID Scanning Software for Law Enforcement

Our ID scanning solutions for law enforcement automatically collect driver’s data and track everyone entering correctional facilities to keep officers safe and focused on the job, not paperwork. 

ID Scanner for Bars

State, local, regional, and university police and security agencies utilize our police ID scanner solutions to increase safety and streamline paperwork.

ID Scanner & Data Automation For Police

Law enforcement agencies are overworked and understaffed. Save time and valuable man-hours by using fast, accurate ID scanning data automation software. All data is time-stamped and easily accessible.

Scan driver’s license and capture driver information with 100% accuracy
Auto-populate ticket or citation generation
Mount scanners inside cruisers for mobile ID scanning
Check ID information against key databases during traffic stops
Add third-party checks to Criminal Background searches or Sex Offender Registries
Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and make traffic stops more efficient by automatically entering all information from an ID into your jurisdictional system
Reduce typos by capturing government-issued data directly from the ID
File reports in a timely manner
Eliminate back-and-forth conversation with citizens.

Visitor Management Systems For Correctional Facilities

Prisons and jails need robust visitor management to keep staff and visitors safe.

Print Badges & Time-Expiring Badges

Control access and print automatically-expiring badges to ensure you know who is allowed on-site at any time.

Criminal Background Checks

Query criminal databases for every guest that enters to ensure only trusted individuals are allowed access.

Tag & Track All Visitors

Use categories such as Family, Legal Counsel, Other to manage all visitors to your premises.

Ban Visitors With Ease

Set alerts if a Banned Individual attempts to gain entry.

Key Benefits of ID Scanners For Police

Protect students, teachers, and staff by validating and approving all visitors at the point of entry.

Verify Identity

Simply scan the ID and check the individual’s information against government databases with zero hassle.

Maintain Visitor Records

Easily export your data history for time-stamped records of every ID scanned.

Perform Third Party Checks

Automatically run IDs against banned lists, sex offender registry, and other third-party databases all in real-time.

Need help choosing a police ID scanner?

Our turnkey team has worked with law enforcement agencies across the US to help them select the best ID scanning solution for their needs.

Law Enforcement ID Scanning Updates

ID scanning & identity verification insights tailored to police, prisons, and law enforcement agencies.