ID Scanners For Schools

ID scanners for schools and visitor management systems can greatly increase the safety and security of your staff & students.

Benefits of Using ID Scanners for Schools

ID scanning, visitor management, and school security software have become more important than ever. Our easy-to-use ID scanners for schools and VeriScan platform will help your front desk better verify and manage guests, keeping your staff and students safe.

ID Scanner for Bars

Primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions of all sizes use our ID scanning systems to help keep their schools safe and secure.

ID scanners for schools

ID Scanning & Check-In System For Schools

Key capabilities of ID scanning software for schools and educational institutions.

Real-time background checks
Real-time Sex Offender Registry checks
Check-in all visitors in <5 seconds
Alert staff/security for flagged visitors
Time-stamped entry logs
Custom badges for visitors
Expiring badges for visitors
Create pre-approved lists (teachers, parents, etc.)
Contract tracing for illness
2D barcode security checks on all scanned IDs
Save demographic information
Export scan logs to .CSV
Track visit history, count
Add notes to visitor profiles
Add visitors to lists
Save photos from ID
Customizable PII settings

Third Party Checks For School Safety

Query criminal databases and the Sex Offender Registry to keep dangerous individuals off your campus.

Sex Offender Registry

Check IDs against the Sex Offender Registry in your state or jurisdiction. Results are returned in <10 seconds. If there is a match, the returned result often even includes a photo, allowing you to confirm the identity of the individual on-site at your school.

Criminal Background Checks

The Nationwide Criminal Records Database is a powerful, high-speed multi-state and federal search of our proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants and/or other proprietary sources.

ID scanners for schools

ID Scanning For School Safety & Access Management

K-12  through college and university campuses rely on our ID scanner for schools to keep their facilities and grounds safe

ID scanners for schools

Speed Up School Visitor Check-In

ID scanners for schools instantly read all information stored on the ID, and store visit records for each guest. Add waivers and signatures to eliminate paper sign-in sheets and printed agreements when guests arrive at your facility.

Manage Access With Ease

Print visitor badges with name and time of expiration to help identify guests while on-property, and ensure they don’t stay beyond the length of their approved school visit.

Group & Manage Visitors

Group visitors into categories, including volunteers, parents, employees, or banned individuals – easily see who is coming in and out in each category.

Key Benefits of ID Scanner For Schools

Protect students, teachers, and staff by validating and approving all visitors at the point of entry.
ID scanners for schools

Verify Visitor Identity

Ensure your school guests are who they say they are by performing 2D barcode security and/or ID authentication.

ID scanners for schools

Maintain Visitor Records

Capture visitor information and image in less than a second and add a record to our visitor management software. Reports can be easily exported.

ID scanners for schools

Perform Third Party Checks

Automatically run IDs against banned lists, sex offender registry, and other third-party databases all in real-time, and tag records as “banned” to be alerted the second their ID is scanned.

ID scanners for schools

Need help choosing an ID scanner for your school?

Our turnkey team has worked with hundreds of schools to help them select the best ID scanner and visitor management software for their needs.

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