Nightclub ID Scanner

Enhance your nightclub’s guest experience and security, keep out underage patrons – with best-in-class ID scanners for nightclubs

Must-have features for ID scanners for clubs

Demand the best. Your age verification software and ID scanners should be able to support your nightclub’s needs.

Age verification
Check ID expiration date
2D barcode security for handheld scanning
List management (Banned, VIP)
SMS and email alerts
Demographic reporting
Flag potential VIPs in advance
Visit logs and visit count
Anti-passback alerts
Multi-device sync in real time
Image capture (ID, cropped photo)
Customer profiles with notes
Anti-chargeback tools
Add documents (receipts, signatures) to profile
Fake ID detection (UV, white, infrared light)
Scan IDs and passports
Scan mobile drivers’ licenses (mDLs)

Key Benefits of Using a ID Scanner for Nightclubs

Key ID Scanning features, purpose-built for bars, nightclubs, and gentleman’s clubs.

fight chargeback

Prevent Chargeback Fraud

With ID scanning and visitor management software you have ironclad proof to help fight chargebacks. Don’t let regretful patrons negatively impact your bottom line.

Affirmative Defense

Many states offer legal reprieve that means your license is safe if you serve a minor, as long as you electronically scanned their ID. Don’t take any chances with compliance.

Face Matching To Improve Security

Security & Safety

Visitor logs, especially with images, can make working with law enforcement a breeze in the event you have an incident or criminal activity near your location

fight chargeback

Manage Lists (Banned, VIP)

Sort visitors into easy lists and groups. Tag your VIPs so they can be greeted at the door. Ban troublemakers and set up alerts so you know the second they try to enter.

identification vs authentication

Anti-Passback / Scanner Sync

All your entrances and ID scanners can be synced in real time to a central cloud. So you’ll know if more than one guest uses the same ID, or your security banned someone at one entrance.

Face Matching To Improve Security

Fake ID Detection

With ID Authentication, you can use specialty hardware to catch up to 95% of fake IDs. Keep minors out.

Age Verification Using ID Scanning

Our ID scanners for nightclubs to provide an enriched experience for clientele, while ensuring underage and banned patrons are quickly and easily spotted and deterred at the door.

ID Scanner for Bars

Venues all sizes rely on’s ID scanners for bars and nightclubs to stay safe, deter troublemakers, and remain compliant with age restrictions.

How ID Scanning Catches Fake IDs

Our advanced age verification software, VeriScan, can be configured to catch up to 95% of fake and suspicious IDs.

back of driver's license
Back of a driver’s license.

2D Barcode Parsing & Validation

ID scanners use the 2D barcode to capture, parse, and read the PII stored on the ID. This includes fields such as first name, last name, address, and date of birth. Many fake IDs contain “tells” that indicate they are fraudulent within the 2D barcode. These can be incorrectly formatted fields, fields which don’t use known values (example: using “Brown” instead of “BRN” for eye color), or fields which don’t conform to the state template.

Our AI performs more than 75 algorithmic checks on each 2D barcode you scan, and can, within seconds, identify IDs which have 2D barcode anomalies.


Authenticating The Drivers’ License

Many sophisticated fake IDs do not contain anomalies in the 2D barcode, and will pass basic barcode security checks.

To catch 95%+ of fake IDs and perform true ID authentication, you will need to use a scanner that can perform:

  • White light scanning
  • UV light scanning
  • Infrared light scanning
  • 6-image comparison
  • Front/back matching (camera uses OCR to compare the text on the front of the ID to the information in the 2D barcode)
  • Hologram checks
  • Watermark checks

These checks can all be performed simultaneously, and can tell within seconds if an ID is legitimate.

Ensuring The Guest Matches The ID

But how to stop an individual from using another person’s ID? An ID can be legitimate, but that doesn’t mean it belongs to the person presenting it.

Your security or bouncer can visually check the ID against the person in front of them. With VeriScan, we can easily capture a cropped picture of the ID, making it much easier to match the face on the screen to the face in-person.

We also offer face matching solutions for environments with ample lighting. These solutions use a webcam to instantly match the ID photo to the in-person individual, confirming that the ID belongs to the guest.

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Security Benefits of ID Scanning For Bars & Nightclubs

ID scanning is a key element of bar/nightclub security.

Increase Safety At Your Bar

The mere presence of an ID scanner a the door or entrance can decrease crime in or around your bar/club up to 54%. Criminals and troublemakers hate ID scanning because it forces them to identify themselves and creates a record of which venues they visit!

ID scanning and visitor management is also a powerful tool when incidents occur – your team will quickly be able to gather information about the individual, and the times they were at your club.

Create & Manage Banned Lists

Keep track of customers who have been 86’d from your venue. Banned lists can be searched by name, name, and VeriScan Premium customers can add cropped images that allow for easy visual searches as well.

Your security and management team can set up alerts (email, text, SMS) so your team knows immediately when a banned patron attempts to enter. Banned lists can be shared across your locations and entrances.

ID Scanning For Enhanced Customer Experience

Avoid costly fines and penalties by ensuring your casino or gaming business prevents self-excluded gamblers from playing.

Reduce Wait Times At Your Entrance

ID scanners for bars instantly verify age, and catches expired and fraudulent IDs. ID scanners will greatly reduce your wait times at the door, and remove guesswork for your security team.

Identify & Track Your VIPs

Create and manage your VIP lists and tiers. Set up alerts so your team knows the minute a VIP walks through the door. Additionally, our Golden Zip Codes feature can alert you when potential high rollers walk in.

Collect Demographic Information

Keep customers coming back to your venue time and again utilizing demographic information gleaned from IDs to anticipate and provide enhanced guest experiences. Report on information such as skew of male/female guests, top cities/zip codes, and guest age.

Case Studies | ID Scanning For Nightclubs

We have more than 5,000 satisfied bars, nightclubs, casinos, and dispensaries using our ID scanning solutions.

Al’s On 7th

Southern nightclub uses mobile ID scanning to linebust on their busiest nights.

Denver Player’s Club

ID scanning helps Denver nightclub improve relationship with law enforcement,

Denver Gentlemens Club ID Scanning Case Study

Circa Casino

Las Vegas’ first 21+ casino uses handheld ID scanners to verify age at the entrance.

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