Dealership ID Scanning

A driver’s license scanner can help reduce loan fraud and test drive thefts, keeping your car dealership safe and compliant.

Identity Verification for Car Dealerships

Fighting fraud and streamlining compliance at North American automotive companies



US Dealerships

18 M

Drivers Licenses Scanned

3.5 M

Safe Test Drives

2 M

Identities Verified

Digital Identity Verification for Car Dealerships

Protect yourself from loan fraud by digitally verifying customer identity before they ever arrive on the lot. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to send SMS identity requests to prospective customers.

The customer simply snaps a photo of their ID, and we query the result against a variety of third party databases to assess their fraud risk. We return results in seconds that allow your dealership to make better, secure business decisions.

100% FTC Safeguard compliant.

Benefits of Using An ID Scanner at Your Car Dealership

Simply scan each customer’s driver’s license as they enter your auto dealership to instantly authenticate their ID and validate identity and populate your DMS or CRM platform with their information.

ID Scanner for Bars’s driver’s license scanners for car dealers defend against identity fraud, ensuring customers are who they say they are before test driving or purchasing a car.

Drivers License Scanners For the Automotive Industry

Before turning over keys for a test drive, signing off on a purchase or rental agreement, or finalizing financing on a new car, it’s critical you know your customer’s true identity. 

Verify Customer Age & Identity

Our ID scanning solutions for car dealerships are capable of instantly verifying the prospective customer’s age (16+, 18+, 25+) and performing 2D barcode security checks to ensure the ID is legitimate. VeriScan ID Authentication, when paired with specialty hardware, is capable of catching up to 95% of fraudulent IDs, allowing you to be completely confident in the validity of the customer’s identity.

DMV Database, IdentiFraud Checks

Third party checks can help you build an even stronger understanding of your customer, ensuring that their driver’s license was issued by the DMV in their state, and assessing fraud risk by looking at multiple factors including financial and residential history.

Integrate With Your Key Systems

Our ID scanner for auto dealerships works perfectly on its own or can be easily integrated into your solution using our SDK or web services API. Data scanned from the ID is 100% accurate, every time.

Automotive Scanning Capabilities

Key functions of driver’s license scanner software for the automotive industry

Scan customer ID into system
2D barcode security to detect suspicious IDs
Age, ID expiraton date checks
Create or append customer record
Add notes to visitor profiles to help personalize sales follow up
Capture photo of the driver’s license automatically, removing the need to make photocopies
Save cropped ID image to customer record
Create & manage lists (Banned, Bad Credit, etc.)
PII compliance settings to meet Safeguard and FTC requiremetns for data security and privacy
Track demographic information for targeted marketing (age, gender, zip codes, etc.
Export scan logs to .CSV
Decrease wait times for test drives, service department, etc.
Sync data to lending systems to streamline loan approval process and reduce paperwork
Reduce risk of loan fraud and test drive fraud
Use webhooks to cnnect to your CRM or dealer management software

Digital Identity Verification For Car Sales

Validate customer identity remotely with our digital identity verification solutions that can be used on their own or integrated into existing apps. Remain secure while allowing for remote loan approvals and financing.

  • Send requests for identity verification via SMS
  • Users submit photos of the front and back of their ID via mobile device
  • Optional identity check via selfie (anti-spoofing included)
  • Optional third party checks

Key Benefits of Dealer Scanning

Smart auto dealerships are adding ID scanning and digital identity verification to their customer intake process

Data Accuracy

Parse data directly into your CRM or dealer management software. ID data is ingested cleanly, accurately, and with minimal typing.

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Reduce Fraud

The mere presence of an ID scanner is a fraud deterrent. Bad actors will choose other dealerships with less stringent security measures.

Improved Customer Experience

No more photocopies! Reduce the need for copies and paper with streamlined data capture and sync directly to key systems.

Need help choosing an automotive scanning solution?

Our team has worked with hundreds of automotive industry businesses to help them select the best drivers license scanners and ID dealership software for their unique needs.

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