Document Validation Service

An A.I. powered instant mobile ID validation solution

Mobile ID Validation

What is DVS?

DVS is our Document Validation Service that provides your customers an accelerated and simplified mobile ID verification for customer onboarding – all from the customer’s mobile device. Our automation enhances the customer experience, improves the validation process, and speeds up the onboarding process while maintaining Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

How does it work?

Our mobile ID validation technology confirms the ID, reduces fraud, and collects the information from the ID all by snapping a few images. Customers simply open your app or click on a link sent via SMS and are prompted to take 3 images – the front of their ID, the back of their ID, and a selfie. They are told instantly whether their identity has been validated.

Mobile ID Validation Solutions

Mobile ID Validation Web API


The Web API option allows you to build an application or integrate the technology into an existing app. The results of the verification requests can be returned synchronously or asynchronously.

Mobile ID Validation Online

DVS Online

The DVS Online option allows for a range of implementations, from a “No Code Option” to a “Low Code Option”. Each of these potential designs will let your end users submit documents for verification and to then view the results of those submissions.

Integrated ID Validation Solutions

iOS or Android App Integration

Easily integrate mobile ID validation, complete with anti-spoofing and liveness detection, into existing iOS and Android Apps. Our team of expert developers are available to help during every step of the process to ensure the integration and implementation run smoothly. Our DVS solution is currently trusted by leading financial technology companies.

Integrated Mobile Id Validation
Demo Mobile ID Validation

Use your smartphone to demo our instant mobile document validation service – DVS

The Document Verification Service (DVS) is able to parse both PDF417 barcodes and Machine Readable Zones using enhanced computer vision techniques. DVS also leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to validate a document’s data. This solution will help give you confidence that you have done everything possible to verify a potential customer’s identity.