id scanners for dispensaries

Age Verification For Dispensaries

Prevent underage sales by catching 95% of fake IDs, increase state compliance, and enhance your customer experience with a simple scan of your guest’s ID.

9 of the 10 largest MSOs utilize our age verification software.

We power age verification, ID scanning, and fake detection for more than 1,000 dispensaries in the US and Canada.

Simple, Instant Age Verification For Dispensaries

Simply use our dispensary ID scanner and our software instantly alerts you if the ID is suspicious or your guest is under 21, using either standalone solutions or our seamless POS integrations.

age verification process for dispensary and VeriScan solutions serve MSOs, enterprise dispensary operations, single-location dispensaries, and cannabis couriers. We are continuously monitoring the compliance landscape to ensure we help every dispensary meet their regulatory requirements for ID scanning, age verification, and data retention.

Fake ID usage at dispensaries is at epidemic levels

In a recent survey of anonymized data across our nationwide cannabis dispensary customer base, we found that more than 2% of IDs presented at dispensary entrances did not pass document authentication and showed signs of being fake.

For some high-volume dispensary locations, this number climbed to more than 5% of IDs.

Luckily, dispensaries using VeriScan ID Authentication can detect and catch fake IDs with ease.

Cannabis POS systems integrated with

Cannabis POS / ID Scanning Integrations

While our ID scanners for dispensaries are powerfully effective on their own, we have also partnered with best-in-class dispensary POS and ERP providers to integrate ID scanning into their platforms for a complete solution. integrates seamlessly into cannabis industry software, ensuring your customer data enters the system with 100% accuracy, and each ID scan can be associated with visit and purchase history. Compliance auditors love customers because of their clean, accurate customer data.

ID Scanning For Medical Marijuana Cards

With the latest addition to our ID format library, dispensaries will now be able to scan and parse data from medical marijuana cards from 19 states, representing more than 4.8M medical cannabis patients.

Available MMJ Cards:

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C.

These cards will now be able to be scanned and parsed directly into VeriScan or your cannabis POS system.

id scanners for dispensaries

Benefits of Dispensary Age Verification

Our software leverages the power of the ID to help you create rich, accurate dispensary customer profiles.

Maintain Banned Lists

Easily manage Banned lists that keep your employees safe from troublesome customers.

Provide White Glove Service To VIPs

Utilize our golden zip codes feature to identify potential high spenders. And greet your repeat customers by instantly pulling up their profile so you can have their favorite cannabis products ready for them.

Track Purchase History

Sync ID data to your cannabis POS system to build integrated guest profiles that include purchase history, favorite products, and customer behavior.

id scanners for dispensaries
id scanners for dispensaries

ID Authentication for Dispensaries

Not all ID scanning is created equal. If you aren’t authenticating, you’re not catching fakes.

id scanners for dispensaries

2D Barcode Scanning For Dispensaries

The 2D barcode on the back of an ID contains information such as first name, last name, and date of birth. It also often contains tells that indicate whether an ID is fake.

Our AI-powered VeriScan software checks for anomalies in the 2D barcode based on more than 10,000 data points. When paired with specialty hardware, our software uses OCR to check the 2D barcode against the text on the front of the ID. If the information does not match, the ID is fake.

ID Authentication Hologram

What is ID Authentication?

Drivers licenses and passports have been designed to be difficult to fake. They include hundreds of security features built into the document, including holograms, watermarks, microprints, and “if you know you know” easter eggs.

In order to authenticate an ID, your dispensary needs both specialty hardware, capable of scanning the document with UV, infrared, and white light, and performing simultaneous front/back image capture, and software which can match the results of those scans against libraries of document templates, ensuring that the document security features are accurate.

US map of available DMV verification requests

Add Checks Against Third Party Databases

For an additional layer of security, or in instances in which document authentication is not practical, such as cannabis delivery, third party checks can be used to verify identity.

Learn more about our DMV Verification Service.

PII Compliance Settings For The Cannabis Industry

VeriScan is the only ID scanning software and visitor management system capable of complying with state-level PII and privacy regulations. in all legal states.

Full PII Flush

For states like Illinois, which do not allow any information to be saved from a scanned ID, we offer immediate data purge that ensures no data is sent to your system, or stored locally.

Custom Data Retention Settings

For states like Montana, which have time limits on retained data, or states like New Jersey, which allow only certain fields to be retained, you’ll be able to set custom settings at the account level.

Full POS Integration

For states with no regulations, you’ll be able to send rich, accurate customer data directly into your POS system, allowing you to capture customer names, addresses, and more.

We have spent multiple years working in the cannabis industry, and deeply understand the compliance pain points of both large and small dispensaries.

Age Verification For Dispensary Compliance

Whether you’re a medical or recreational dispensary, you’ve invested a lot in your license. ID scanning can make sure you keep it.

id scanners for dispensaries

Maintain State Compliance

VeriScan is continuously updated to ensure our ID scanning technology can meet stringent compliance standards in all recreational and medical states. This includes digital scanning requirements, PII retention laws, and storage of fake ID information. We maintain relationships with regulatory bodies across the country to keep on top of changing laws.

Download our 50 State ID Scanning For Dispensaries Compliance Guide.

Track Daily Maximums

Associate purchases to each ID scan, keeping you and your customers compliant with consumption laws.

Prevent Looping

By syncing customer visitor and purchase history between multiple locations you can prevent looping and fraudulent behavior.

Ready to buy ID scanners for dispensaries?

Shop our selection of desktop and mobile ID scanners for dispensaries, paired with ID scanning and visitor management software. Not only do we offer the only solution approved by the Nevada Department of Taxation’s Cannabis Regulatory Control Board, but we have purpose-built our system to meet the unique needs of dispensaries across the country. 

ID scanner for dispensaries

Need help choosing ID scanners for dispensaries?

Whether you’re a high traffic MSO, a small dispensary looking to stay compliant, or a cannabis delivery service, we have cannabis dispensary ID scanning experts on the team who can discuss your use case, state-level compliance guidelines, and find a solution to fit your needs. 

Verify age for cannabis delivery and eCommerce purchase

Using our digital identity verification API cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses can send requests for age verification at the time of purchase. Customers can validate their ID and confirm their identity on their mobile device, streamlining the process for your budtenders and cannabis couriers.

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