IDScan.net announces the enablement of Mobile ID Acceptance on iPhone

New! Mobile ID Acceptance Using VeriScan for iOS

Businesses can now accept mobile IDs in-person with just an iPhone through the VeriScan iOS app

New Orleans, Louisiana (January 30, 2024) – IDScan.net, a leading provider of age and identity verification technology, and maker of the VeriScan mobile app, is pleased to announce that they’re enabling the ability for merchants to accept IDs in Apple Wallet and other types of mobile IDs in-person — and right on an iPhone. The solution provides secure and private mobile ID verification, and no additional readers or hardware are needed. This streamlines a merchant’s ability to securely check customers’ ages for in-person use cases such as alcohol purchases.

Businesses and organizations who use the VeriScan iOS app for age and identity verification can now accept IDs in Apple Wallet—which is currently live in four states including Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland—as well as other standards-compliant mobile IDs.

For merchants to begin accepting mobile IDs on iPhone, they can simply download the VeriScan iOS app and follow the steps to sign up.

“We are thrilled to enable merchants to begin accepting mobile IDs easily and securely in-person — with no additional hardware needed.” 

Terry Slattery, CEO, IDScan.net

Once they are set up on the VeriScan iOS app and are ready to go, merchants can then initiate an ID verification request from the app. From there, merchants’ customers can present their mobile ID by holding their device near the identity reader, or they can present a QR code. Customers will be able to review the requested information, such as age, and after reviewing, consumers consent to present the requested information.

Customers are only providing the minimum data needed to verify their age or identity, and information is encrypted between devices so they do not need to show or hand over their device. Neither IDScan.net nor Apple know where a customer has presented their mobile ID, and merchants do not store a customer’s mobile ID information.

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is the leading AI-powered identity verification platform focusing on age validation and fraud reduction for high compliance industries, performing more than 15M ID and identity related transactions monthly. IDScan.net has enhanced digital and physical environments for more than 7,500 customers including IBM, Shell, AMC Theaters, Trader Joe’s, and Circa Casinos.