“Drunk” bartender destroys soldier’s ID after accusing him of it being fake

Picture of drunk bartender ripping up military ID

According to IDScan.net, there’s been a massive uptick in the number of fake IDs: a 20% spike in just five years. The outlet reported that in 2020 in Cincinnati alone a whopping 14,000 false identification cards were discovered, with 97% of them hailing from either China or Hong Kong.

Throngs of youngsters have been caught and in some instances even arrested for being caught with a fake ID, which they usually present when they’re trying to get into a bar or a club before they’ve hit their 21st birthday.

But there have also been instances were bar/restaurant staff members wrongly accused guests of having a fake ID, which they’ve either bent, confiscated, or cut in half despite being the genuine article.

The Armed Green (@armedgreen) TikTok account uploaded footage of the incident in a viral clip that’s garnered over 1 million likes on the popular social media platform.

The video starts with the bartender yelling at customers telling one customer that they are too young looking to have ever served in Afghanistan and Iraq and that they were going to call on of their friends who they know, for a fact, served.

The bartender then holds up the customer’s ID and declares that it’s “fake” before bending the card and cursing them out, telling the guy to “get the f— out of here.”

drunk bartender destroys military id

“That’s government property,” someone can be heard saying off camera as the bartender alleges, again, that they presented a fake military card to him.

“Well if it’s government property, call them in here and we’ll find out…” he says before putting his hands in his pockets and shrugs his shoulders. “We’ll find out,” he says again. The bartender also argues that military IDs don’t “peel” nor does any of the laminate scratch off, something that commenters who watched the clip said is not the case.

The customer tells him again that the ID was legitimate and that they would like their card back, but he still refuses.

“You can press charges against me if you want, that’s fine,” the bartender replies.

drunk bartender destroys military id

He then goes on to tell them that they could easily go to the nearest military base to get a new ID and that it won’t cost them that much to have it replaced if it is indeed real, and further in the conversation, someone can be heard saying that the police are on their way.

In a follow-up video, someone off-camera can be heard saying repeatedly that “it hurts to watch” the man refuse to believe he could possibly be wrong about the situation.

As the bartender continues to argue with the customers about cards not being able to peel stating that he can’t believe his Missouri State ID is more secure than a military ID, he tosses various credit cards and even his social security card to the customers recording his breakdown.

Other folks behind the bar, presumably employees of the establishment, try to pat him and calm him down to keep him from talking further and to calm his temperament.

The bartender goes on to say that even if the cops come and verify the identity of the customers, he still won’t apologize and will tell them to leave the bar regardless.

drunk bartender destroys military id

He then says that he’s had too many minors coming into the bar with fake IDs and that it’s his job to ensure that no underage drinkers come to the bar and get served alcohol. A police officer comes into the bar and then asks to see the ID, which the bartender then retrieves and hands to the cop.

The bartender then asks someone else off camera if military IDs can become de-laminated (presumably the cop) and they respond by saying, “yeah.” Ultimately, the customer receives their military ID back and the video ends with them walking out of the bar.

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